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Fundraiser for Emilia Dewi, OTD, CLT-LANA, CBIS: Buy a tshirt and/or donate to the fundraiser

The Access Pass: Ever-growing printable resource clinical library for SLP, OT, and PT

Resource Roadmap Show: Our monthly talk show all about how to implement health literacy and evidence-based practice featuring role plays, how tos, and case studies.

For SLPs who work with adults:

For SLPs who work with pediatrics:

For occupational therapists:

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Our Activism:

Propose ACOTE revisions 2023

ACOTE revisions feedback survey (Deadline: April 10, 2023)

Let’s make things better for SLPs: SLP Data Initiative

Website we built: Therapists for People Over Profit: Getting Private Equity Out of Healthcare

Be an informed consumer: Med SLP Certification

Other resources:

Tools and Gifts (including stickers, med management kits, swallow eval kits, clipboards, clinic cards, and fine motor kits)


Case Study Sessions


Contact the ASHA Board of Directors

Ms. Richard’s certification timeline and links

PDF resource containing timeline of events + questions for Ms. Richard petition (SLPs for certification regulation and transparency)

Contact the ASHA Board of Directors