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We’re celebrating aphasia awareness month with a free download that focuses on how aphasia is a loss of access to language, not a loss of ability to connect. This quote is inspired by Helen Harlan Wulf. Published by Wayne State University Press in 1979, Ms. Harlan Wulf’s book Aphasia, My World Alone beautifully captures her experience with aphasia in words. We include some of our favorite quotes from her book at the end of this page.

Our society often focuses on disabilities in a way that attempts to make people with disabilities talk, act, and behave like people who don’t have disabilities. This is a loss for all of us. There is no one right way to be human. There is no one right way to communicate or connect. The human body is just a form, ever-changing. “That which has form is not real. Only the formless is permanent. Once this is known, you will not return to illusion.” -Ashtavakra Gita

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