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Do you want to be able to print resources form the Access Pass library? This includes educational handouts, therapy materials, clinical references, and eval tools.

Would you like to have access to the new releases each month, or would you like to be able to print any resource from the entire library?

$28 $35

Article Snapshots

Do vou want access to our article snapshots? These are one-page summaries ot recently published research with takeaways to aid in clinical decision making.

$4 $5

CEUs (Live and recorded courses)

Would you like access to a new live CEU each month plus full access to our on-demand course library? Our courses are one hour long and you can cover most state licensing requirements within a year.

$8 $10

Physical prints in your mailbox

Do you want color hard copies of therapy materials delivered to you each month? This includes 5 new releases and 5 resources form the archives (you vote on which ones we send).

$40 $50

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Features in your pass:

  • Print any resource from the libraryPrint any new release from the library
  • Article Snapshots
  • CEUs (Live & recorded courses)
  • Hard color copies delivered to your mailbox
per month billed yearly quarterly

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rather than designing our community to be hidden behind a curtain, we work to be as fully transparent as possible about what's included with our subscriptions. You can view our entire Clinical Resource Library, Continuing Education Library, and read samples of the summaries in our Article Snapshots Library. For that reason, we do not offer a free trial because there is no hidden content. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to determine if this is a good fit for you before you join and that there are no hidden surprises. Browse away and ask any questions you have that will help determine if this is the right tool for you and your clinical practice.
  • Any subscription can be canceled prior to the next charge date. Your membership will remain active through your payment period.
  • These resources may be shared for educational purposes. You may share them with patients, their family, friends, caregivers, and staff that is not related to PT/OT/SLP. It is explicitly against our policy to share resources with other therapists. Please refer, don’t share- this way we can continue to produce high quality resources!
  • Contact us any time at or fill out our contact form.