Continuing Education Policies

AOTA Approved Provider of Professional Development
AOTA Provider number 00044
Approved through 2027

ASHA Approved Provider
Provider ID: ABIW

The Therapy Insights Continuing Education Task Force seeks to provide our community with affordable, accessible continuing education consistent with our exceptional quality standards in cooperation with talented experts who share our values of curiosity, innovation, and collaboration.

The responsibilities of and courses conducted by the Therapy Insights CE Task Force support the mission of the organization by growing and diversifying the volume and type of accessible resources that are rooted in high quality design, evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and human connection.

Slide Deck Policy

We do not require that presenters share their slide decks that contain their work, their name, and their reputation. We believe that is a very valuable asset and that they should retain the rights to that file. Our intention here is to honor their intellectual property while also providing learners with excellent access to the recorded video so that learners can go back and grab any details missed during the live course. Thank you for understanding and for recognizing that we are doing our part to fairly compensate people for their time, energy, expertise, knowledge, and willingness to share in the digital world. It’s in this way that we will attract the best and brightest to share knowledge and insight with us.

Refund policies for free courses

Refund policy in the event a free program is canceled or rescheduled by Therapy Insights: We do not provide refunds in the event that a free program is canceled or rescheduled.

Refund policy in the event that a participant cancels their registration to a free event by Therapy Insights: We do not provide refunds in the event that a free program is canceled or rescheduled.

Refund policies for members

In the event that a course is canceled or rescheduled, no cash refund will be provided to Therapy Insights members. Therapy Insights will work to reschedule the event, or create a new event within the same month. Therapy Insights guarantees access to one live course per month to all subscribers. In the highly unlikely event that this commitment is not met, subscribers will receive a 50% refund for that month’s subscription cost. Subscribers who are on an annual payment plan will receive a pro-rated refund for 50% of the cost of that month. All refunds will be provided within 30 days of time of cancellation.

Refund policy in the event that a participant cancels their registration: In the event that a participant/subscriber registers for the live course and then cancels participation, no refund will be provided. The participant will have the opportunity to access the recorded presentation at no additional cost as part of their subscription fee.

It is up to the licensee to check with local board rules and regulations regarding the qualification of recorded webinars as counting towards their course license requirements.

Policy for the resolution of complaints from individuals not satisfied with the organization’s continuing education services or programs
In the event that an individual is not satisfied with the organization’s continuing education program, we request a formal letter of complaint from the individual that outlines their concerns in writing. This letter will need to be signed and dated and sent to Therapy Insights either via email ( or mail (2315 McDonald Ave., Suite 101, Missoula, MT 59801). Therapy Insights will then review the letter, providing a response letter within 2 weeks of receipt that addresses all complaints with specific action steps and resolution dates that Therapy Insights commits to taking. The individual will be updated via email or letter regarding any ongoing resolution steps being taken within the timeframe outlined in the response letter. Therapy Insights pledges to work with all participants to ensure the highest quality continuing education program, and after these steps are taken (e.g., formal letter of complaint, response letter, and completed action steps), Therapy Insights will offer a refund to the participant if needed. If the action steps taken by Therapy Insights do not resolve the issue, we will ask for further clarification and take further action steps as needed to resolve the issue.