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Save time and change lives with an ever-growing clinical library

We know that on any given day, you walk into work ready to address an enormous range of diagnoses. Dysphagia, aphasia, TBI, dementia, agraphia, apraxia, anomia, alexia, head/neck cancer, and the list goes on and on!

We know that each time you go into work, you’re expected to do more and more with less time and fewer resources than ever before.

That’s why we created the Access Pass- so you can have instant access to all of the tools you need to be a confident, empowered clinician!

Are you lacking fresh, modern, evidence-based therapy materials and resources?

Do you want to improve health literacy and empower your patients to make choices aligned with their own personal values and goals?

Do you find yourself compromising session preparation in exchange for meeting productivity?

Do you have access to peer-reviewed journals? Are you falling behind on the latest research?

Are you prepared to meet the needs of a diverse caseload on any given day?

The Access Pass: Beautiful, fresh, and ever-growing library of resources.

Printable Resources

Get instant access to over 1,300 education handouts, therapy materials, eval tools, and reference materials.

New resources added monthly.

YOU vote on what we create next.

Print what you need when you need it.

Starting at $12/month.

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Article Snapshots

Don’t have access to peer-reviewed journals? No problem. Enjoy single-page summaries of recently published research.

We include new research and landmark papers.

We provide the clinical takeaways you can immediately apply to your practice.

Starting at $4/month.

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Live + Recorded Courses

Boost your knowledge, skills, and confidence with courses taught by leading experts.

New live courses offered monthly.

Take any course on-demand from the library any time.

Meet all of your state licensing CEU requirements each year.

Starting at $8/month.

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Online Community

Feeling isolated, burned out, and need of community? Join our 100% private app built just for SLPs, OTs, and PTs.

Clinical Guides to moderate and engage with your questions.

Professional atmosphere.

Connect with interdisciplinary therapists around the world.


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Provide better patient care with printable handouts, therapy materials, and eval tools.

Be informed with research summaries.

Boost your knowledge, skills, and confidence with courses taught by leading experts.

Enjoy mentorship + support in a safe, online community.

Go to work prepared, confident, and organized.

Relax. No more cobbling together resources.

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