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Free download: Your Whole Body Rehabilitation Therapy Team

Speech, occupational, and physical therapists make a powerful interdisciplinary team that works together with patients to make recovery possible. This handout is designed to help patients, family, and staff understand the unique and interrelated roles that each discipline encompasses.

Free download: Functional Activities for In Room Treatments

For therapists who find themselves performing in room treatment sessions with little to no equipment, here is a list of activities to help re-energize treatment sessions, spark new ideas, and promote the use of functional activities. Any small items/activities used are inexpensive and may be purchased and distributed to individual patients for infection control purposes, made at home, or found and printed for free online.

Free download: Oral Mech Exam Visual Cards

Completing an oral mech exam with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, or while wearing a mask or other PPE can be a challenge. These 3×5 inch cards can be cut, laminated, and used to guide the patient through the steps of the oral mech exam. Clean thoroughly between use, or print a fresh copy for each test.

Free download: Family Friendly Standard Score Visualization

This family-friendly standard score visualization graphic makes it possible to easily explain standardized test scores to families.


Free download: The Role of Therapies During COVID-19 Recovery

This handout provides basic information about COVID-19 as well as how physical, occupational, and speech therapy can assist in the recovery process.

Free download: Physical Rehabilitation Medicine Terms

11 pages of terms frequently used by PTs, OTs, and SLPs. Designed for patients, family members, and interdisciplinary colleagues.

Free download: Welcome to Physical Therapy

Celebrating all things PT in a fun flatlay design to brighten up your clinic walls. 

Free download: Welcome to Occupational Therapy

Just a fun poster that celebrates all things OT for your office or clinic wall.

Free download: Welcome to Speech Therapy

A flatlay design of all things speech, with a focus on med SLP!

Free download: Peri-operative Neurocognitive Disorder (PND)

This free two-page handout accompanies our podcast episode: Neurocognitive Dysfunction After Sedation with Dr. Seyed Safavynia  

Free download: A Brief Comparison of Medical Models

A brief comparison of the traditional medical model and the social medical model. 

Free download: OT Month poster, bingo, and jeopardy

Celebrate OT month with a poster and fun games you can play with your team!

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