March 22, 2022

In this podcast episode, learn more about Mershen Pillay’s mission to transform curriculum to work within a Black African-first framework.

From our guest, Mershen Pillay: “I went to the only Black university in South Africa that trained audiologists and speech therapists… it was what was called a ‘struggle’ university so it had a strong political, sort of historical link to resisting racist policies in South Africa… and so when I looked at my class- that’s who I saw: other brown people… But everything that we were taught came from North America and Western Europe, and so I literally didn’t see anything of myself in those textbooks and journal articles… our training was very white-Euro-centric. Years later, I went backpacking through Europe and landed in London. I got into a job a few days later, and it was all familiar.”


Mershen Pillay, Audiologist and Speech Therapist

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