Swallowing Development Milestones – In Utero to First Months of Life

November 30, 2023 by Ashley Zhinin.
This guide provides information on swallowing development from the womb to one year of age. Use this in the NICU setting to help parents of premature babies understand feeding difficulties at the beginning of life. Hawdon, et al. (2000). Identification of neonates at risk of developing feeding problems in infancy. Dev Med Child Neurol 43(4):235-9. […]
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Complex Cases in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

March 6, 2022 by Ashley Zhinin.
This course will review multiple complex cases in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) setting, specifically the speech language pathologist’s role and special considerations of this particular treatment setting. Attention to critical thinking skills and working on a team in a high-stress environment will be explored.
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Feeding Infants with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD)

February 9, 2022 by Megan Berg.
This course will include information on the incidence of developmental co-morbidities in infants with CHD, factors related to CHD that impact pre-operative and post-operative feeding ability, the components of a feeding evaluation and strategies that assist infants with feeding difficulty, IDDSI and the impact of thickening on feeding and flow rate, and considerations for safe […]
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Development of the Swallow & Oral Motor Skills: From Infancy to Toddlerhood

December 23, 2021 by Megan Berg.
This resource provides caregivers and clinicians information about swallow development, including anatomy and physiology development from infancy to toddlerhood. The handout also outlines specifically how the pediatric swallow anatomy is not just a smaller version of adult anatomy and how these anatomical differences can impact dysphagia for the pediatric population.
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