Palliative Care and Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing

Presented by Tasanyia Sebro-Calderon, ClinScD, MS, CCC-SLP/TSSLD

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Course Description

Palliative care often involves a multidisciplinary team of specialists who aim to assist in maintaining or enhancing quality of life for patients who may or may not be terminally ill. This course covers content for families, caregivers, and providers who are unsure of what their roles should entail when advocating for patients who wish to […]
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Meet Your Presenter

Tasanyia Sebro-Calderon is a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 15 years of clinical experience with individuals across the lifespan. She holds her Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, her Clinical Science Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology, and is currently a PhD candidate. Tasanyia provides speech and swallow intervention, and training and resources to individuals domestically and internationally. She is currently the Director of Rehabilitation for a pediatric facility in New York, and the CEO of a private practice in New York.


  • This program is offered for .1 ASHA CEUs, (Introductory Level; Professional Area).

Course Details

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. List person-first, patient-centered approaches and considerations.
  2. Explain the importance of using a multidisciplinary approach to maintain oral feeding when positioning, pain, and cognitive status contribute to poor oral candidacy.
  3. Describe advocacy and patient/family-led decision making.

Time-ordered Agenda

  • 0:00 - Palliative care vs. hospice care
  • 0:05 - Case examples of palliative care vs. hospice care
  • 0:10 - Feeding & swallowing: dilemmas
  • 0:20 - Recent research: palliative care and feeding
  • 0:30 - Patient centered care & considerations
  • 0:35 - Multidisciplinary involvement in sustaining full, partial, or recreational oral feeding for quality of life
  • 0:45 - Advocacy: patient/family/provider
  • 0:50 - Q/A
  • 1:00 - End course + quiz

Instructional Level

Information is geared to practitioners with little or no knowledge of the subject matter. Focus is on providing general introductory information.

Target Audience

SLPs, OTs, and PTs who work with children.

Live Course Information

This course will be presented on the Zoom platform. High-speed internet connection is required.

Recorded Course Information

The course will be available for CEUs until January 20, 2027.

Instructor Financial Disclosures

  • Presenter is being paid by Therapy Insights to prepare and present this course.

Instructor Non-financial Disclosures

  • None.

Certificates of Completion

Once the exam is completed and you have provided feedback about the course, you will receive an emailed certificate of completion with course title, course instructor name/title, learning objectives, your name, your license number (if desired), and a confirmation from the CE Task Force director confirming completion of course. If your state licensing board requires specific records of course participation (all licensing boards are different), please email us and we will provide the documentation.

Instructional Methodology


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