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Who we are

Therapy Insights provides evidence-based, person-centered materials for speech, occupational, and physical therapists. Our membership includes:

  • Printables, including patient education handouts, therapy materials, and clinical tools such as quick eval forms and differential diagnosis charts.
  • Article Snapshots, 1-page summaries of recently published or landmark research articles.
  • Continuing education courses approved by ASHA, AOTA, and the PT Board of CA.
  • Clinical Compass: The first 100% private community app built just for speech, occupational, and physical therapists. Global community of therapists with 20+ Clinical Guides ready to engage with your questions within 36 hours.

Once I have the resources, can I make photocopies and share with students?

No. Just as you don’t provide photocopies of textbooks for your students, we ask that you don’t provide photocopies of our work. This is a violation of our terms and conditions. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Partner with us and we’ll hook you up with free resources.

Partner with Therapy Insights!

We are frequently asked by universities how they can utilize our resources within the framework of our copyright and terms of use. Therefore, we are offering the opportunity for universities to partner with Therapy Insights. Our intention is to strengthen your curriculum while building relationships with students who are committed to lifelong learning beyond the scope of their initial training program.

Sign up for a free Classroom Package!

If you are a university instructor, we invite you to sign up and enjoy the following benefits for your class:

  • Packet of hard color copy materials (1 packet per student) delivered to you. We will customize the contents of the packet based on your curriculum.
  • Free presentation for your classroom.
  • Access Pass discount code for you and your students.

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