The Importance of Lab Values for Clinical Swallow Assessments

July 1, 2023 by Ashley Zhinin.
Lab values are essential to our clinical swallow evaluation process as speech-language pathologists. This resource discusses the importance of knowing our patients’ lab values and provides a chart with possible effects of abnormal pediatric lab values on matters that pertain to feeding and swallowing. Video on how to use this resource: Wallace, T. (n.d.). Lab […]
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Nonstandardized Assessment of Cognitive-Communication Abilities Following Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: A Scoping Review (2021)

February 1, 2023 by Ashley Zhinin.
As a field, we continue to learn more about pediatric traumatic brain injury (pTBI) year after year. The goals of this paper were to describe and synthesize existing research on nonstandardized assessment of cognitive-communication impairment in children with TBI and to identify gaps in the literature in order to inform future research. Researchers looked at […]
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