Therapy Insights Podcast

The Therapy Insights Podcast offers tools and insights for SLPs, PTs/PTAs, and OTs/COTAs working with patients who are experiencing some of the most difficult medical challenges of their lives. In a poll of an interdisciplinary SLP/OT/PT Facebook forum, only about 30% of clinicians reported that they were provided with the opportunity to take a graduate level class focused on counseling techniques to address grief, trauma, and major life transitions.

Our goals for this podcast:

  • Broaden the scope of understanding by SLPs, PTs, PTAS, OTs, and COTAs of current best practices within the counseling community in order to optimize and strengthen the medical field as a whole when it comes to rehabilitation and mental health.
  • Encourage and promote specific strategies on how to improve access to professional mental health services within medical communities, including those that are rural, understaffed, or working within a system that has not yet embraced access to mental health services.
  • Address specific questions and scenarios as presented by members of the Therapy Insights community.
Podcast episode

02: Andrew Hill and the Person Behind the Brain Injury

September 11, 2019
How do we connect with people who have a brain injury? How do we not let our therapy devolve into power struggles? How do we help improve insight without crushing people’s hope? To explore these questions, we’re talked with Andrew Hill. Andrew Hill, LCSW, CBISAndy is a licensed clinical social worker in Missoula, Montana. Before […]
Podcast episode

01: Chris Clasby and the Dignity of Risk

August 23, 2019
In this episode, we speak with Chris Clasby, LCSW and Peer Advocacy Coordinator at Summit Independent Living in Missoula, Montana. Our conversation touches on what it means to be human, what it means to suffer, and how to find meaning in that suffering. Chris also touches on 2 valuable tips for clinicians- allowing patients to fully […]