Core Values

Exceptional Design

We believe that people who use speech, occupational, and physical therapy services are fighters and survivors who deserve high quality resources that engage and inspire them.

Everyone deserves access to high-quality, evidence-based, person-centered therapy materials. All of our resources are fresh, engaging, inviting, inspiring, beautifully designed, and focused on exactly what you are trying to achieve: making progress and getting results.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We believe that we (SLP, OT, PT) are stronger when we stand with each other and for each other.

The business dynamics of for-profit healthcare are having an increasingly alarming and negative impact on the field of physical rehabilitation medicine. From impossible productivity demands to mandatory treatment minutes to non-existent resource budgets, we foresee that the future holds much potential for reform. We believe that interdisciplinary SLP/PT/OT collaboration holds the key to ensuring that our professions are strong, healthy, and rewarding pathways for future generations.

Empowerment Healthcare Model

We believe the traditional medical model is outdated and discriminatory. Our work is based on the empowerment medical model.

Modern healthcare has deep roots in authoritative medical culture. We believe that as patients, we all have the right to choose our own medical path, based on our individual beliefs, life goals, priorities, life history, and preferences. It is the job of medical experts to provide unbiased, evidence-based information and hold space to support and empower individual choices, no matter the outcome.

Diversity, Innovation, and Expansion

We believe that the fields of speech, occupational, and physical therapy are suffering from monolithic cultures and thought patterns.

We seek to foster conversations, create resources, and hold space so that a broader base of backgrounds, life experiences, and cultures can be integrated into the fields of speech, occupational, and physical therapy. As historically monolithic groups with deeply ingrained patterns of beliefs, behaviors, and unconscious agreements to keep things the way they always have been, we are missing out on an extraordinary range of humanity. We as clinicians suffer because there is no fertile soil for truly innovative and expansive ideas, which at their core, require the push and pull of different perspectives. Our clients suffer because we collectively do not have the tools, resources, or capacity to truly meet them where they are. Let’s change this.