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Access Pass: Terms and Conditions

Access Pass members may print any resource from the library as often as needed for what is reasonable for a single clinician’s average caseload. Account mis-use is flagged and we will suspend accounts that are printing resources in quantities beyond what is reasonable for a single therapist’s caseload. Mis-use includes:

  • Printing a lot of resources in a short span of time. We expect clinicians to have a caseload of 5-12 patients per day. We DO NOT expect therapists to have 100 patients per day. Printing more than 50 resources in a week indicates account abuse.
  • Know that our library is here for you when you need it. We are your partner in designing great therapy sessions.
  • No screenshots allowed.
Is it ok to share these files?


It is not ok to share files. It is not ok for multiple users to access a single account.

Digital piracy is defined as “the act of downloading and or distributing copyright material and intellectual property without paying for it.” Digital piracy is a violation of federal copyright laws and can result in fines and imprisonment. We ask everyone in our community to respect our copyright claim and intellectual property rights and to refer, don’t share. This is what allows us to continue to build high quality resources for clinicians around the world.

File-sharing not only limits us from making connections with the clinicians that we serve, it makes it impossible for us to continue to invest in the kind of high quality research, writing, and design that is the foundation of our work.

File sharing puts you at legal risk for misdemeanor copyright infringement, which can result in one year in prison and a $100,000 fine.

File sharing is explicitly against our terms and conditions and we will take action to address this violation.

It is ok to:
  • Share a printed copy of this resource with a patient/client, their family members and friends, and non-SLP/OT/PT related staff such as nursing, home healthcare providers, physicians, CNAs, social services, dietitians, activities teams, teachers, caregivers, etc.
  • Digitally display the file via online, secure, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy software platforms to any of the people listed in the above point in the context of teletherapy. Here are some teletherapy quick tips!
It is not ok to:
  • Share a single subscription across multiple users in a facility. One user per subscription.
  • Share any digital copy with clients outside of the context of teletherapy.
  • Store Therapy Insights files in any publicly accessible online storage system, such as a shared Google drive or other online storage service.
  • Share these files with other SLP/OT/PT related colleagues or friends. Please refer, don’t share.
Using Therapy Insights materials for telehealth

Anyone who has legally obtained Therapy Insights PDFs via purchase from therapyinsights.com or through a Therapy Fix subscription has the right to display via screen share the files for their clients/patients via a secure teletherapy platform.