PT Talk Show Host Application

Therapy Insights is seeking a physical therapist to host our monthly talk shows! Each month, you’ll host a one-hour talk show where you’ll speak directly with the Therapy Insights writers about creative ways to use the newly released resources as well as facilitate a conversation about a case study that critically evaluates important topics in our field. Each show is recorded on Zoom and published on YouTube and across podcast platforms. Therapists can earn CEUs by listening to or watching each show and filling out a quiz.

This position is for you if you:

  • Love facilitating conversations about a range of clinical and controversial topics in the field
  • Love to share your clinical experiences and “Aha!” moments with others
  • Believe that a platform like Therapy Insights can be a force of positive change for the field
  • Are passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Can easily find multiple creative ways to address a clinical challenge

This position is NOT for you if you:

  • Don’t like talking in front of people
  • Avoid hard conversations about critical issues in the field
  • Do not see or understand the value that OTs and SLPs bring to the interdisciplinary team


  • Must be a PT or PTA who works with adults, interdisciplinary setting preferred
  • Minimum 3 years of clinical experience
  • Excellent hosting and communication skills- if you love engaging with others in conversation, bringing up controversial topics, sharing your clinical experience, teaching, and learning- this position is for you!
  • Familiarity with Zoom and Google Workspace

Responsibilities include:

  • Create a monthly show doc outlining each show (training provided)
  • Create a two-question quiz related to each show
  • Create a new case study each month that fosters thoughtful clinical discussion about a range of critical thinking topics in the field (each case study is approx 3-6 sentences that defines the sex, age, diagnosis, and life circumstances of a fictional patient)
  • Submit the show for approval for CEU credit (training provided)
  • Host the show (one 1-hour show per month- we work to ensure a recording schedule that works for the whole team)
  • Coordinate with our PT writers as needed to facilitate planning of a smooth show recording
  • Other tasks as necessary, including editing AI-generated transcripts, selecting short clips for social media, and other tasks as defined in the future
  • You can watch a sample of our Resource Roadmap Show here.


  • Applications open through Thursday, July 6, 2023
  • Interviews will take place July 7, 8, and 9.
  • Responses to all applications sent by Monday, July 10
  • Position starts July 10th with training to take place between July 10 and July 17 and first show recorded July 18, 2023.

$65/hour with a flat payment of $325 for approximately 5 hours of work per month.

Application: Physical Therapist Talk Show Host (Resource Roadmap Show)

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