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                Load image into Gallery viewer, Therapy Fix - PT Adult Rehab Edition - Monthly Subscription

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Therapy Fix - PT Adult Rehab Edition - Monthly Subscription

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Therapy Fix - PT Adult Rehab Edition - Monthly Subscription

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Therapy Fix - PT Adult Rehab Edition - Monthly Subscription

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Therapy Fix - PT Adult Rehab Edition - Monthly Subscription

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Therapy Fix - PT Adult Rehab Edition - Monthly Subscription
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Therapy Fix - PT Adult Rehab Edition - Monthly Subscription

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    *Note: The digital edition of Therapy Fix has been discontinued as we now offer the Access Pass, a more comprehensive digital subscription.

    Therapy Fix is a subscription box for medical/clinical physical therapists working with adults in rehabilitation settings. Every month, we present a selection of ideas we would like to produce for clinicians. Therapy Fix subscribers vote for which content they would like to see come to life. We then research, develop, design, print, and ship these materials directly to you so you can save time and change lives in the midst of your chaotic, busy, and demanding job.

    • This is a monthly subscription box. Your card will automatically be charged on the 25th of each month and a new Therapy Fix packet shipped by the 1st of the month. You can cancel monthly subscriptions at anytime.
    • The material included in Therapy Fix is always new every month. Nothing in the store right now will ever be included in a future Therapy Fix.
    • You are able to download PDF versions of the materials included in Therapy Fix each month.
    • All Therapy Fix subscribers receive 20% off all products in the Therapy Insights store. (Excludes subscriptions).
    • If you'd like to save 10% and subscribe annually, check out the Therapy Fix Annual Subscription.
    • Therapy Fix ships just before the next month. If you sign up on or before the 25th of the month, you will start with that month's fix. If you sign up after the 25th of the month, you will start with the next month's fix.
    • Is it worth it? See what clinicians have to say about Therapy Fix.

    What's included
    Every Therapy Fix includes the following. A printed copy arrives in the mail along with a unique digital download code to access all PDFs and print as many times as you need for your clinical practice.

    • 5 new printed resources (see below for more information)
    • Digital access to these new resources (PDF format)
    • 11x17 poster
    • 2 Article Snapshots
    • 1 laminated 5x7 Clinical Anatomy Card
    • 1 surprise bonus (anything flat and fun that we can fit into the envelope!)


    Each Therapy Fix includes 5 new resources that may fall into these categories:

    Patient Education Handouts

    • Being a patient within a complex medical system can be overwhelming. Many patients, in addition to facing their own medical, physical, and emotional challenges, are having to learn and retain tons of new information on a daily basis. They are interacting with dozens of staff members, adjusting to new routines, schedules, and systems, and often isolated from their friends and family. Our patient education handouts are designed to decrease the cognitive burden by giving patients a chance to visually review important information that you share. We all learn better when information is presented visually. In addition, these patient education handouts frequently spark curiosity and conversation, ultimately turbo-charging your education sessions.

    Session Materials

    • Bored of using the same materials over and over and over? Therapy Fix comes with brand new therapy tasks every month. These tasks are designed to be real-world, functional, relatable, and engaging for you and your patients. We believe in helping you optimize the time you and your patients have together with strong materials that help everyone reach their goals. Subscribers select from a range of ideas and the most popular concepts are produced and included in the next Therapy Fix.

    Clinical Resources

    • Our mission at Therapy Insights is to help you save time and change lives. To that end, we create clinical resources either for you, the clinician or the patient to help understand medical conditions, direct treatment plans, or assist facility coordination of patient care. These resources range from quick informal evaluations, clinical triage guides, staff communication forms, checklists, and more.

    Presentation Slide Decks

    • Inservice presentations given by therapists improve communication, collaboration, and patient care. Finding the time to design and develop these presentations and meet productivity expectations is very challenging. We send out a new gorgeously designed set of slides centered around a topic of importance to patient care in medical settings. These slides are designed to save therapists time and to communicate the most relevant, recent, and engaging information for healthcare professionals working with physical therapists. As always, subscribers will have the chance to vote on which presentation topics are developed from month to month.
    • Also includes a pre-quiz PDF so that you can establish the learning needs of each unique audience.

    Group Therapy Materials

    • Groups can be a powerful and interactive format to spark recovery and boost engagement. Our group therapy materials are targeted towards support groups as well as inpatient/outpatient groups. The materials provide the structure and format to spark interaction, discussion, and collaboration. Subscribers will have a chance to vote on which material is produced from month to month.


    Each Therapy Fix also includes these resources each month:

    Clinical Anatomy Cards

    • Walking into a patient’s room and greeting them with a test- whether it’s laryngeal, neurological, or lingual, can be intimidating. Our Clinical Anatomy Cards are designed to help break down esoteric concepts. Draw on them. Write on them. Study them together. Then leave them with your patient. Health literacy begins with understanding how our bodies work and the choices we can make to optimize our own health. These clinical anatomy cards spark this conversation and are a unique, accessible, and tangible explanation of why you came into the room in the first place. Each month ships with a new design that is laminated for easy cleaning and re-usability. You can also purchase extra non-laminated copies from the Therapy Insights store (with 20% off as a subscriber).

    Article Snapshots

    • It can be tough keeping up with the latest research. (Just whatever you do, don’t get it from Facebook ;). Especially since many published articles are locked behind paywalls that don’t exactly fit in your clinical materials budget. Each month, we ship out two article snapshots giving an overview of two landmark journal articles related to neuro, ortho, and clinical topics.






    Can I cancel anytime?

    • Monthly subscriptions can be canceled any time for any reason. Annual subscriptions can be canceled at the end of the year.

    What's the difference between Therapy Fix and the Access Pass?

    • Therapy Fix ships with printed copies of all new materials that we develop each month. This is a good fit for you if you do not have access to a color printer.
    • The Access Pass is our all-digital subscription that credits your account each month so that you can download 5 PDFs. It also includes access to our monthly live CEUs and an online searchable database of all of our Article Snapshots.

    Can I print the pages as many times as I need?

    • Yes, there is no limit to the number of prints as long as they are for your own clinical practice. Hand them out to patients freely, but please do not share with colleagues. Please refer them to our website so that we can continue to support fantastic, evidence-based, well-designed resources.

    How soon will I have access to the materials after I subscribe?

    Do you take requests for content?

    • Yes! We love to produce exactly what you need. Let us know at

    Does Therapy Fix ever go on sale? Is there a coupon code I can use?

    • Our only sale on Therapy Fix is on Black Friday, when you can snag an annual subscription for only $250. You can stack an annual subscription onto an already existing subscription.

    It's not January. When can I start an annual subscription?

    • Any time. Your annual subscription will run for 12 months from the time that you sign up.

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