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Therapy Decks
Therapy Decks
Therapy Decks
Therapy Decks
Therapy Decks
Therapy Decks
Therapy Decks

Therapy Decks

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Use the drop-down menu above to select from currently available Therapy Decks, including:

  • R-blends
  • Idioms
  • Front/back minimal pairs

Now taking pre-orders. Therapy Decks will ship December 28, 2018.
10% of profits will go to benefit the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Music Group. Based at Wolf Creek elementary in South Dakota, this group supports speech and language development with musical fun. An interdisciplinary collaboration, this team inspires communication, laughter, connection, movement, and growth in fun and energetic ways! Snag a Therapy Deck and help support new instruments for this crew! 

Looking for a fun way to get tons of repetition of a single concept into a therapy session? Therapy Decks remove the burden of coming up with endless amounts of speech and language stimulation materials by using the same material over and over. How? With play!

Therapy Decks are standard 52-card decks and come in different flavors, depending on the goal you are targeting. Use one deck to target idioms. Use another to target r-blends. Play any card game, making a game out of fast-paced and repetitive therapy.

Therapy Decks increase engagement, reduce boredom, reduce prep time, and quickly become the most requested activity of the speech therapy session! Watch your clients reach their goals faster with more laughs, smiles, and motivation to participate. Great for individual or group therapy. The focus shifts away from the rote therapy and towards the relationships and the fun.

SLP Insights Therapy Decks

$25/each. Three for $65. Free shipping within the U.S.

Each deck comes with:

  • Standard playing card deck targeting individual goal
  • An instruction booklet for 11 different card games

SLP Insights - Therapy Decks - Front/back minimal pairs

SLP Insights - Therapy Decks - Idioms

SLP Insights - Therapy Decls - R-blends

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