Functional Fine Motor Kit


This fine motor kit is designed for OTs and COTAs who need quick access to a variety of functional fine motor tasks neatly packaged in a carrying case so you can grab and go, taking it with you at a moment’s notice.

Functional tasks you can address with this kit:

  • Locking and unlocking a padlock
  • Setting a combination on a lock
  • Buttoning and unbuttoning a shirt front
  • Opening a child safety cap on a pill vial
  • Removing and installing AAA batteries in a flashlight
  • Adding and removing keys from a keychain
  • Installing and removing screws from a block of wood
  • Buckling a belt-style buckle
  • Securing and releasing a swivel hook (similar to dog leash) and a side-release buckle (similar to some bag, carseat, and helmet buckles)
  • Snapping and unsnapping button snaps
  • Pinching a steel clip open and attaching to objects
  • Removing and installing lead from a mechanical pencil
  • Zipping and unzipping zippers
  • Hooking a carabiner to a keychain or collar
  • Opening a zip pouch
  • Opening and closing a mylar bag (commonly used to seal foods)

What’s included in the kit:

  • Carrying case with 2 pop-out trays
  • Swivel snap hook
  • Carabiner
  • Pet collar with buckle
  • Side release buckle
  • Flashlight with batteries
  • Set of mini screwdriver tools
  • Block of wood with pilot holes
  • Screws (5 philips-head/5 flat-head)
  • Tube with screw cap
  • Snap tape (1 foot)
  • Mylar bag (commonly used in food packaging)
  • Mechanical pencils (2)
  • Pill vial with child safety cap
  • Zipper pouch
  • Steel clip
  • Pom poms (50)
  • 8 oz jar with screw-top lid
  • Key lock
  • Combination lock
  • Zippers (2)
  • Shirt front button strip
  • User Guide

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