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Favorite handout: Keep Calm and Assess the Risk of Aspiration Pneumonia

One misconception about SLPs is that we only work on speech (articulation), when we really work on SO MANY other aspects. Therapy Fix helps with this misconception by supplying me with materials that I cannot find anywhere else. There are so many great activities for language, speech, cognition, and swallowing that are current and appropriate for the adult population. As adult materials are hard to find, Therapy fix has been an invaluable addition to my resources. My favorite thing is the beautiful handouts, that are concise and functional, and are appropriate for patients and fellow professionals alike. These have been useful in educating patients, as well as promoting my speech services to potential patients and other professionals.

Therapy Fix - COTAs stealing SLP materials!

Subscribing to Therapy Fix has given me the opportunity to diversify my materials, and to provide my patients with higher level functional tasks for their everyday life. Subscribing has also provided me with fantastic and much needed handouts to give to staff, patients, and marketers to promote my services as an SLP, as well as strategies and education for a variety of needs in this population.

[The photo] is of me and our COTA arguing over the sequencing cards for transfers, because the OT department is always trying to steal those cards from me!!!!!!!!!

Best Visual Handouts

These products are the diamond of handout materials! My patients and families already LOVE them and I've only gotten my January Fix! Patients and Families are so impressed with the information and the presentation of information on the handouts. I've also used the handouts when I've had to perform In-Services. The graphics are truly amazing as well. These products set the Gold Standard for materials. SLP Insights NAILED IT! Worth every penny.

—Katelyn Sletten on Jan 07, 2019 via product page


I signed up initially for the month to month plan to see if I would like what I was receiving. I finally took the plunge and signed up for an annual membership! I love that the fix has therapy ideas/recommendations, handouts for patients, and research article snap shots. I can honestly say I’ve used everything in the fix!

—Melissa on Nov 29, 2018

Beautiful, functional, makes my life easier!

I've been getting Therapy Fix since January, and I love it! I'm a huge proponent of functional cognitive and linguistic tasks, so I really appreciate materials that are more than a worksheet. I also appreciate thorough, well-researched handouts about different issues pertaining to our field (dysphagia after damage to recurrent laryngeal nerve, for example) which can be used for pt or MD education. Patients seem to respond well to information presented clearly in a visually pleasing format!

—Mel Graber on Jul 17, 2018

1000/10 would recommend!

I have been receiving my therapy fix since March. Initially, I purchased to see what type of materials would be included and to gauge how much I would use it. I'm lucky at my building and have full access to a printer. I began using my therapy fix materials almost daily. My WALC books seem to be gathering dust! Therapy fix has beautifully designed and updated materials with current, up-to-date information gathered from within our field. It's a great way to keep up with the most recent research in a more passive way. I love printing the pages and adding them to my patient's therapy books, providing them as activities during therapeutic tasks, and showing them off to the SLP's that have been helping me at my building. This month, I even took the plunge and purchased a year membership! I think many SLPs would love it as much as I do. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy it already!

—Taylor Hahn on Jun 13, 2018

Favorite handout: Hidden Dangers for People with Dysphagia Who Are On Thickened Liquids

I work in a SNF with adults. Your handouts on dysphagia may have literally saved the life of my patient. She came back from a swallow study to find that she was on a modified diet and she also has extreme anxiety and confided in me she was suicidal about this change. The hospital didn’t tell her anything about what dysphagia is and what she found on the internet scared her, so we had a great education session and I passed along some of your dysphagia handouts to her to reassure herself when I wasn’t there. (She went in for a swallow study 2 weeks ago and is back to regular solids and thin liquids... what a rockstar!!)  I have a binder full of your materials and I use them every single day, making my life a heck of a lot easier to prep, but for this one patient, it changed her whole world for the better.

At my job when I first started, there was a huge misunderstanding of what speech pathologists actually do, mainly in terms of swallowing. My facility did not have a strong speech presence in the building, so there was a lot of education that needed to be done right from day one. Therapy Fix provided me with easy to follow information sheets that made that huge amount of education easy, memorable and fun. Instead of being confused about what I do, I get so many referrals and questions about swallow safety! The dysphagia information sheet about hidden dangers was a huge help to me as a reminder for nursing, dietary staff and administration of the key points I wanted them to remember from our education sessions to keep our patients safe.

For Present and Future SLPs

I love every subscription I receive by SLP Insight because each monthly subscription helps me build up my resources for the future as I am a graduate student. I also like how there is a quote each month along with recommended reading for SLPs.

—Jordan L. on Apr 04, 2018

Gorgeous...and functional!!!

I absolutely love your materials and your monthly ‘fix’ is loaded with so many useful items!! I admit, I look forward to the sticker (love!), quote, and book review! Your work is so creative and I appreciate your incorporation of evidenced-based research. I have been downloading your artwork for a while now and it is prominently featured in rotation on the outside of my office door...which happens to be in our lobby (I'm at a neuro outpatient rehab), so *everyone* gets SLP education. Huzzah!!! They are fantastic educational tools and have sparked many excellent conversations with patient and caregivers, even those not on speech caseload - they ask for themselves, other family members, and I frequently hear “I didn’t know that!”. I have had many compliments about your work and thought you should know. Truly, thank you!

—Heather Smith on Mar 12, 2018

Love this!

I work mostly in adult outpatient neuro rehab, and I've been so pleased with the materials I receive in my Therapy Fix. I love the functional cognitive tasks like menus and voicemails, which are realistic, well-planned, and ready to go! The bonuses are always useful little goodies. The patient handouts are informative, engaging, and much better looking than what we have cobbled together at my facility. This is my new favorite subscription service!

—Mel on Feb 03, 2018


Could not be happier with this amazing subscription. Very functional and great items! Thank you so much for creating this!

—Kathryn D. on Jan 16, 2018

Awesome Resource

I was extremely pleased with all of the professional material. I work in a SNF and can definitely use everything. The laminated pieces are great. I will be able to easily sanitize it. The low vision calendar is definitely necessary and well done!

—Alison D. on Jan 15, 2018

So much included!

I was impressed by the amount of references and functional therapeutic activities I received in my first month’s packet. A couple cognitive linguistic focused tasks, a couple dysphagia tasks and a laminated reference sheet that will come in handy for G-codes. And the sticker- so cute! I plan to continue my subscription to see what else she comes up with!

—Jessica G. on Jan 15, 2018

I LOVE this so much!

I just started receiving the monthly materials and they're so great! I can't wait to start organizing them into various binders based on topic...
I especially love the functional tasks that I can use with my patients, especially since I'm the only SLP at my outpatient office and there's not many materials there.
This is totally worth the monthly fee. I'm so glad I found out about this. It makes my life so much easier

—Kristen Marie on March 20, 2018 via Facebook

This is a great idea!

I don't know if I'll be able to afford to receive the fix forever but I appreciate the variety of materials I've received. Some of them are comparable to things I've made but look soooo much better. The motivational quotes are also fun and each fix comes with a bonus that includes really helpful things like ICD 10 codes, a laminated sheet outlining G codes, etc. Great job!!!!!!

—Elizabeth Pia-Miller on Feb 3, 2018 via Facebook

Two of my favorite things in my monthly subscription are the adult handouts and review of research articles.

I work with adults who have had a stroke or traumatic brain injury and the handouts are so fun with color, pictures, and education. It’s been great to add these materials to my collection and use them frequently. Thanks for these beautiful materials!

—Jennifer Newman on Nov 22, 2018 via Facebook

All of Megan's resources are not only educational and functional

They are beautifully designed. They are so nice to have to give to patient/caregivers/families. Definitely worth their value.

—Ashley Winkle on April 30, 2018 via Facebook

A real time saver for any SNF or rehab SLP.

The therapy fix includes high quality, visually engaging, professional educational items as well as fantastic functional assessment tools and therapy activities.

—Keri Kendall on April 1, 2018 via Facebook

I just got my first Therapy Fix package and I LOVE IT!!! Well worth the money!

There were so many diverse activities and resources, and the developer really puts her heart into this. I can't wait to get a new one every month! As a busy home health therapist, I don't always have time to develop my own materials, and this will help me build up my toolkit. Thanks so much for offering this!

—Ashley McCurry on Feb 26, 2018 via Facebook

I've loved every fix I've received and gotten positive feedback from patients as well.

I love the variety of S/L areas addressed as well as the variety of materials, including motivation, book reviews, wellness, therapy tasks, etc.

—KrestaLee Maribel on Feb 3, 2018 via Facebook

Therapy fix from SLP Insights is fantastic!

I’m in the acute care/Inpatient rehab setting and all the items are usable for my pts. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for creating this!

—Katie Ryan Durham on Jan 30, 2018 via Facebook

I just received my first order, and I am thrilled!

The materials are wonderful, well thought out and original. I am thankful for having the opportunity to use new therapy materials with my patient’s. Thank you.

—Liza Nemedez on Jan 8, 2018 via Facebook


I work with the TBI/CVA population and these materials are AMAZING both as therapy materials and informational handouts for patients and family. I've hung a lot of the laminated references in my office and use them daily!

—Laura Shaw on Mar 4, 2018 via Facebook

These are one of my favorite resources!

Excellent visuals and wonderful functional cognitive tasks! My patients love the information that the handouts provide.

—Ashley Louise on Mar 29, 2018 via Facebook

Thank you!

As a home health SLP this has helped so much! I love this service.

—Melissa Rust Hurst on Mar 31, 2018 via Facebook


A creative SLP made awesome, modern, useful tools to make our jobs better!! LOVE EVERYTHING. Can’t wait to implement them at the hospital tomorrow. THANK YOU!!!

—Mikki Wiley on Feb 26, 2018 via Facebook


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