How to Use the Access Pass

Benefit #1: PDF Downloads

What are the terms of use?
When you download a PDF from us, you can save the file directly to your computer and use it for the lifetime of your clinical practice. You may print it as many times as you need and share with as many patients/clients/family/staff/caregivers as you need. We call them Full-Access PDFs because you are not restricted to accessing the file only for a certain time period. Read our full Terms of Use here.

How to download PDFs with Access Pass credit
The 90 second video tutorial below is the fastest way to see how to use your Access Pass credit to download content. You can use your Access Pass credit in the following ways:

  • $5 = 1 PDF download
  • $15 = Printed copies delivered to your door
  • $20 = Children's book + printed literacy pack delivered to your door
  1. You must be logged in to see the Access Pass versions of each product.
  2. Always select the Access Pass version of the product in order for your Access Pass credit to apply to the purchase. These options look like this:
  3. Check the amount of your Access Pass credits anytime by going to your account page and clicking on My Access Pass Credit.
  4. Use your Access Pass credits by putting in your checkout code at checkout. You can find this code by going to your account page and clicking on My Access Pass Credit.
Your Access Pass credit will automatically refresh based on your Access Pass subscription.
  • Basic = $25 credits / month
  • Plus = $100 credits / 3 months
  • Premier = $450 credits / year

90 second tutorial: How to use your Access Pass credits

Benefit #2: Live continuing education every month

How do I access these courses?
In order to get the link to attend at CEU, you need to register. Simply select the ACCESS PASS registration and complete the checkout process. You can register for any course we offer starting one month before it is live. We offer one course that applies to each pediatric SLP, med SLP, med OT, and med PT discipline each month.
How do I know what is offered each month?
We send out emails the first of each month letting you know what courses are available.
What if I can't make the live event?
We highly recommend attending the live events. There are so many fun benefits, including running into old colleagues/friends online, being able to ask questions, and engaging in group discussions. However, if you are logistically unable to make the live event, please register for the recorded version. You will receive an email the day after the live event with information on how to access the recorded course.
Do these courses count towards my licensing requirements?
The short answer to that is yes. The long answer is: We recommend you check with your individual licensing boards. Some licensing boards require live courses (in which case, you'll need to attend the live webinars). Some boards require no CEUs, while others require at least 10 hours or more per year. Additionally, licensing boards can change their rules at any time. Be vigilant and check all of your state and national board requirements.
Therapy Insights has CEU Provider status through ASHA (Provider Code: ABIW) and AOTA (AOTA Approved Provider 0000000044). APTA does not offer CEU Provider status; we instead partner with state PTA chapters to accredit individual courses).

Benefit #3: Full access to the Article Snapshots library

How do I access the Article Snapshots library?
Click on Article Snapshots from our main website menu. Log in if prompted.
Can I access all of the Article Snapshots, or just my discipline?
All of them! Trying to divide them up is an impossible task because there is so much overlap between all three of our amazing disciplines!
How to search the library
Use the search bar on the Article Snapshots page. You can also use the main website search function, but that will include products in your results. Use the search bar on the Article Snapshots page if you only want research article results.
Updates to the library
New Article Snapshots are added to the library each month. You will receive an email on the first of each month that includes links to the new Article Snapshots. This is the same email that will let you know about new PDF releases and upcoming continuing education webinars.