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October 2020

For speech-language pathologists working with adults


An Introduction to Discourse Analysis and Discourse-Level Treatment for Aphasia

Presented by Brett McCardel, MS, CCC-SLP

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020
4pm pacific | 5 pm mountain | 6 pm central | 7 pm eastern

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This course is designed to serve as an introduction to different types of discourse analyses that can be performed when working with people with aphasia. Emphasis will also be placed on discourse-level treatment approaches, and how a focus on discourse analysis and treatment can be applied using a Life Participation Approach to Aphasia.

For speech-language pathologists working with pediatrics

Where We Fail Children with Acquired Brain Injury – And What to do About It

Presented by Jessica A Brown, PhD, CCC-SLP

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020
4pm pacific | 5 pm mountain | 6 pm central | 7 pm eastern

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Of children who experience brain injury between 5 – 15 years of age, less than 40% return for follow-up visits in first year post-injury. In this talk, we will discuss the perceived and real barriers to service access for this population and highlight current evidence supporting a variety of intervention techniques aimed at maximizing cognitive and communicative outcomes for this population.

For occupational therapists

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: Rehabilitation Concepts for Occupational Therapists

Presented by John V. Rider, MS, OTR/L, MSCS, CEAS, CPAM

Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020
3 pm pacific | 4 pm mountain | 5 pm central | 6 pm eastern

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Shoulder joint arthroplasties (i.e., shoulder replacements) were first performed in the U.S. in the 1950’s. Advancements have led to new surgical techniques, better prostheses, a broader patient population, and improved post-surgical outcomes. This course will provide attendees with a review of traditional total shoulder arthroplasties and evidence-based rehabilitation guidelines to ensure optimal functional recovery.

For physical therapists

Management of the Client with Compromised Respiratory Function

Presented by Neely Sullivan, MPT, CLT-LANA, CDP

Monday, Oct 19, 2020
4 pm pacific | 5 pm mountain | 6 pm central | 7 pm eastern

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Respiratory disease is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. With the emergence of COVID-19, Physical Therapists (PTs) will be treating even greater numbers of clients with compromised lung function. As a result, PTs must be prepared to provide effective rehabilitation for their clients with respiratory deficits. This seminar will review the background and scope of respiratory illness especially as it relates to older adult populations. It will also introduce strategies for assessing and implementing treatment interventions designed for clients with compromised lung function across rehab settings. Finally, it will review reimbursement and documentation principles to ensure efficacy in this area by PTs.