Try Therapy Fix for $5

Try Therapy Fix for $5.

Thinking about trying Therapy Fix?

We think you're going to love Therapy Fix. We frequently hear from our subscribers about how when they get Therapy Fix in the mail, they can take everything to work the next day and put it to use, whether it's helping a patient understand a diagnosis with an engaging handout or providing a structured task for a therapy session or accessing a quick eval checklist, we design and produce materials with the singular goal of helping you save time and change lives.

Therapy Fix is $25 a month. Our goal is to provide subscribers with the absolute best rates to our materials. Each fix comes with a strong collection of materials both printed and shipped to you, and with a unique digital download code so you can access the digital files. While each fix varies, generally we include about $50 worth of materials, including exclusive access to our Article Snapshots and fun goodies like quotes and stickers.

What are the other benefits?

  • 20% off everything in the Therapy Insights store (excluding subscriptions).
  • All materials included in Therapy Fix are 50% off our retail price.
  • Exclusive access to Article Snapshots- single page summaries of the latest research.
  • Print copies come with a unique and fun sticker and motivational postcard for your clinic walls.
  • Can request specific content and have a voice in the decision of which content gets produced.
  • Special discounts, pre-sales, and secret sales with Therapy Insights.

How you can try Therapy Fix for $5

We'd love to give you the opportunity to try Therapy Fix for $5. Simply subscribe to any monthly Therapy Fix edition and use code FIXFIVE. Here is how it works:

  • This amazing deal is for new subscribers only. We promise, we have lots of other ways that we value and reward current subscribers. This offer is for clinicians who want to see what it's all about before they join our community.
  • You may cancel any time 5 days after your initial signup. Why 5 days after? Two reasons: If you subscribe and then cancel right away, the website processes the order as an error and the order is not sent out. Secondly, we want you to get Therapy Fix in the mail so you can see it and feel it before making the decision to stay or go.
  • Choose from our four different editions:

Questions? Contact us at anytime.