Therapy Insights - Part Time Cultural Expansion Team Member

Applications are now closed.

Therapy Insights helps speech, occupational, and physical therapists save time and change lives by developing patient education handouts, therapy interventions, clinical tools, research summaries, and continuing education courses.

We are looking for someone who can dedicate 2 hours per month to working with Therapy Insights to identify gaps and opportunities to improve cultural competency via our materials, messaging, and programs.

From the founder of Therapy Insights:

About 2 and a half years ago, I started the SLP Diversity Corps. It was sparked by my own confusion as I sat at the ASHA conference in Denver in 2015, surrounded by people wildly cheering about the diversity in the field of speech-language pathology. In that moment, I was extremely confused, as I did not witness any kind of diversity in my grad school program, and actually had quite a bit of challenge with my faculty members because I was a non-traditional student, and their “power over” type teaching and advising methods really didn’t fit with my life experience or world view.

Things have to change. All three fields of SLP, OT, and PT are extremely monolithic and this is causing a myriad of systemic problems and profoundly limits us all collectively. I believe that diversity fosters innovation, collaboration, and a broader lens through which to view solutions to problems and is vital for our field to survive. We are living in a time of enormous opportunity to confront our lack of diversity, limited cultural competency, and unconscious biases. I believe there is so much work left to do (for myself, for Therapy Insights, and for our fields as a whole).

The name of this team represents not only how I would like Therapy Insights to expand in awareness, but also how I want the work we are doing to expand the fields of SLP, OT, and PT so that we can someday drastically improve our innovation and solutions because we create space for different perspectives and experiences.

Who this is for: You should consider being a part of this team if you:

  • are passionate about helping Therapy Insights and its community of clinicians reflect on, be curious about, and take action steps towards improving cultural competency and creating more space for different perspectives and experiences
  • are a creative problem solver who easily sees connections, ideas, and solutions that bring people together and move ideas forward
  • want to be part of a growing community of innovative clinicians that value health literacy, evidence-based practice, and quality design
  • want to be recognized as an expert and a leader in your field
  • want to build your resume

Purpose of this group: This team serves the mission of Therapy Insights by identifying gaps and opportunities to improve our cultural competency via our materials, messaging, and programs.

Members of the team are active clinicians (SLP, OT/COTA, or PT/PTA) who identify methods and strategies that will improve our cultural competency, identify and address harmful biases, and lead us and our community of clinicians on a pathway to collectively and effectively create a more welcoming environment for all humans to consider these career paths. These methods and strategies are discussed during 1-hour monthly meetings. Feedback from the team is then used to implement policies around content creation (such as our handouts and therapy materials), event planning (such as our COVID-19 Support Call), and program creation (such as the SLP Diversity Corps).

Makeup of this group: The team consists of three active clinicians (OT/COTA/PT/PTA/SLP), the founder of Therapy Insights, and the Therapy Insights Director of Design and Marketing. Each team member values the unique power of diversity, openness to different perspectives, and building cultural competency through curiosity and collaboration.

Functionality of this group: The team will meet once a month for one hour via Zoom to analyze, explore, and define strategies to identify gaps and opportunities to improve Therapy Insights' cultural competency via our materials, messaging, and programs. The purpose of this team is not to broadly discuss systemic disparity and discrimination in our society. It is a space to integrate these topics while discussing specific strategies Therapy Insights can implement to shift our materials, messaging, and programming to reflect a broader base of perspectives and life experience, thus expanding our connection to clinicians and clients of all backgrounds.

With this group, we seek to be a leader in the fields of speech, occupational, and physical therapy when it comes to breaking down the messaging, pathways, and barriers that are currently sustaining the deeply ingrained monolithic nature of our fields.