COMING SOON: Therapy Insights Access Pass

Therapy Insights seeks to help clinicians save time and change lives. We provide accessible resources rooted in high quality design, evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and human connection. We are driven by curiosity, innovation, and collaboration.

We love working with clinicians who are actively curious, who love to continue to learn and grow, and who go above and beyond to serve their clients. It is our highest mission to serve as part of your clinical practice, turbo-charging your work, helping you save time, and ultimately, change lives.

Later this year, we will be launching our all new Therapy Insights Access Pass. If you are looking for a way to have instant access to handouts, session materials, clinical tools, research summaries, and continuing education at your fingertips, this Access Pass is for you. If you are passionate about your work and committed to providing the best experience for your clients, this Access Pass is for you.

The Therapy Insights Access Pass includes the following:

Access to our entire library of Full-Access PDFs.

A Full-Access PDF means that there is no digital rights management software connected to the file, so you can save it to your computer and use it for the lifetime of your clinical practice. All of our PDFs are researched, written, and designed by clinicians for clinicians. We have a team of active SLPs, OTs, and PTs producing new content each month. As an Access Pass subscriber, you get to vote on which content is produced next. Our library of over 600 PDFs (with new ones added each month) includes the following:
  • Educational handouts for patients, families, caregivers, and staff.
  • Session materials that you can print and use within a structured therapy session.
  • Clinical resources to help you save time and make your job easier.

Access to our entire library of article snapshots.

Our article snapshots are short summaries of published research papers. We understand that the current paywall system of peer-reviewed academic research is largely inaccessible for most active clinicians, and these snapshots provide accessible, affordable, condensed information you can use to help guide your clinical decision making. Our library currently contains over 175 article snapshots and new ones are added each month. We correlate which articles we choose based on the content we create each month.

Live continuing education courses every month + continuing education library access

Join us for live continuing education presented online every month, featuring topics that you vote on. There will be one each for med SLP, pediatric SLP, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. You can get a taste for these courses by signing up for our upcoming free courses here.
Access Pass subscribers will have access to our growing library of continuing education. Subscribers will also have the opportunity to vote on which courses are offered each month.
If you are a current Therapy Fix subscriber and are interested in switching to this Access Pass, stay tuned for a special deal we have for you!

We are getting our ducks in a row to make this the absolute best service we can possibly make it. Enter your name and email below to be notified when all systems are go and you can sign up!