Therapy Insights Access Pass

Therapy Insights seeks to help clinicians save time and change lives. We provide accessible resources rooted in high quality design, evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and human connection. We are driven by curiosity, innovation, and collaboration.

We love working with clinicians who are actively curious, who love to continue to learn and grow, and who go above and beyond to serve their clients. It is our highest mission to serve as part of your clinical practice, turbo-charging your work, helping you save time, and ultimately, change lives.

Access to our entire library of Full-Access PDFs.

Need instant access to high quality visuals, patient education handouts, and grab-and-go session materials?

All of our PDFs are researched, written, and designed by clinicians for clinicians. Select from our library of 650+ materials (with new selection added each month).

  • Monthly subscribers (Basic): 5 PDFs/month
  • 3-month subscribers (Plus): 20 PDFs/3 months
  • Annual subscribers (Premier): 90 PDFs/year

Our library includes:

  • Educational handouts for patients, families, caregivers, and staff.
  • Session materials that you can use within a structured therapy session or assign as homework.
  • Clinical resources like reference charts, informal evaluations, triage guides, and checklists.
  • Subscribers vote on which new content is produced each month.

Access to our entire library of article snapshots.

Our article snapshots are short summaries of published research papers. We understand that the current paywall system of peer-reviewed academic research is largely inaccessible for most active clinicians. These snapshots provide accessible, affordable, condensed information you can use to help guide your clinical decision making.

We offer:
  • A searchable database of our entire library of over 200 article snapshots with new snapshots added monthly.
  • Clinical takeaways at the end of each snapshot that tie the research to your clinical practice.
  • Articles that are recently published or considered landmark studies, keeping the best info at your fingertips.

Live continuing education courses every month + continuing education library access

Join us for live continuing education presented online every month, featuring topics that you can apply directly to your clinical practice. We seek out experts who offer clear, cutting-edge insight to keep your clinical practice fresh and evidence-based.

These courses are a great opportunity to interact and engage with a larger interdisciplinary community, ask questions, and consistently capture your continuing education license requirements throughout the year.

We offer:

  • One webinar per month for med SLP, pediatric SLP, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.
  • Access to our course library so you can watch recorded versions of our live webinars.
  • The opportunity to vote on which topics you need most so we are serving your learning needs.


What is the cancelation policy?
Any subscription can be canceled at any time for any reason.

Subscriptions must be canceled before the recurring charge (monthly for Basic package, every 3 months for Plus package, and every year for Premier package).

If you cancel before your card is charged again, you will keep any remaining Access Pass download credits attached to your account. You will immediately lose access to the article snapshots library. You will not be able to sign up for free CEUs.

What is the refund policy?
We do not provide refunds on subscription products. Starting with a monthly subscription is a great way to see if this product is a good fit for you, and you can cancel your monthly subscription any time.

How many downloads do I get per month with each subscription?
With the monthly Access Pass (Basic), you will automatically receive 5 PDF download credits to your account each time your subscription automatically renews.

With the 3-month Access Pass (Plus), you will immediately receive 20 PDF download credits to your account.

With the annual Access Pass (Premier), you will immediately receive 90 PDF download credits to your account.

Do the download credits roll-over?
Yes, any un-used downloads will remain in your account month to month.

If I cancel, do I lose my download credits?

How long do I have access to the PDFs?
Once you “purchase” a Full-Access PDF with your download credits, it is yours to save, print, and use for the lifetime of your clinical practice. We recommend backing up your files in a safe space.

Can I choose any PDF from the library, or am I limited to discipline-specific collections?
All Access Pass subscribers can choose any PDF from the library, regardless of related discipline. This is because we believe that there is so much interdisciplinary cross-over that it would be extremely difficult to categorize every piece into one specific discipline.

What if I can’t attend the live webinar? Can I still access it for free as a subscriber?
Yes. Access Pass subscribers have 6 days to watch the recorded webinar.

I would like to be an Access Pass subscriber, but also want to receive the book that pairs with all of the pediatric SLP literacy materials each month. Can I still get the book delivered?
Yes, you can use $20 of your Access Pass credits to order the book + a printed copy of the accompanying literacy materials.

  •  Basic (monthly) package includes $25 of Access Pass credit per month.
  •  Plus (3 month) package includes $100 of Access Pass credit every 3 months.
  •  Premier (annual) package includes $450 of Access Pass credit every year.