Therapy Fix helps rehab therapists save time and change lives.

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Keeping your clinical practice fresh

We believe in helping therapists save time and change lives by providing expertly designed, evidence-based, modern therapy materials. Every month, our Content Specialists generate a selection of ideas. Therapy Fix subscribers have a chance to review these ideas and vote on which ones they would like to see come to life. By the first of the month, subscribers have a freshly designed batch of content delivered right to their mailbox. Additionally, subscribers receive a unique digital download code so that they can download all of the files as PDFs and print as many times as needed for their clinical practice.

Rated ★★★★★

We are committed to making your month better every time you receive a Therapy Fix in the mail. Our subscribers rate us 5 stars for the quality, functionality, and relevance of our materials.

"One misconception about SLPs is that we only work on speech (articulation), when we really work on SO MANY other aspects. Therapy Fix helps with this misconception by supplying me with materials that I cannot find anywhere else. There are so many great activities for language, speech, cognition, and swallowing that are current and appropriate for the adult population. As adult materials are hard to find, Therapy fix has been an invaluable addition to my resources. My favorite thing is the beautiful handouts, that are concise and functional, and are appropriate for patients and fellow professionals alike. These have been useful in educating patients, as well as promoting my speech services to potential patients and other professionals." - Jessica Schell


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Separate disciplines, interdisciplinary focus

Therapy Fix comes in 4 different flavors:
  - Rehab SLP
  - Pediatric SLP
  - Occupational Therapy
  - Physical Therapy

All of our Therapy Fix editions have a clinical rehabilitation focus. With the exception of the Pediatric SLP edition, all other editions are designed for therapists who work with adults in rehabilitation settings. Our Pediatric SLP edition is designed for SLPs who address feeding/swallowing, speech, language, and literacy.

The Details

- Each fix comes with 9 handouts, 3 article summaries, and other goodies, depending on the edition- please see individual product page for details of each edition.
- A featured handout comes laminated with 5 extra copies.
- Each month, you receive a printed copy in the mail along with a code to download the PDFs.
- $25/month for print+digital editions
- Save 10% when you subscribe annually
- Monthly subscriptions can be canceled anytime
- Print as many copies as needed as long as it's for your own clinical practice

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Being a rehabilitation therapist is one of the most challenging, most rewarding gigs around.


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Each Therapy Fix is delivered by the first of the month. If you sign up before the 25th of the month, you will receive that month's Therapy Fix. If you sign up on the 25th or later, you will receive the next month's Therapy Fix. All cards are charged on the 25th of the month.


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All of our content is developed by licensed and practicing clinicians. We live all over the United States from California to Montana to Minnesota to Tennessee to New Jersey. Much of our inspiration for our materials comes from our own clinical practice. We are just as hungry as you are for high quality materials and we are thrilled to get to be a part of your clinical practice.

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Therapy Fix: SLP/OT/PT Clinic Edition

Therapy Fix: SLP/OT/PT Clinic Edition

This annual version of Therapy Fix is the ideal Therapy Fix option for interdisciplinary clinical rehabilitation settings.
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