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List of Therapy Fix Content by Month:

Trying to figure out when a piece of content was released so you can more easily track it down in your files? You can view list of content by month for every Therapy Fix released:

Starting May 2020, you will need to be logged in to access all new Therapy Fix files. To access the files, click on the month you want to access below:

If your account is currently inactive, but you paid for a previous edition of Therapy Fix, please contact us for access to the files.

You may access previous Therapy Fix files (January 2018-April 2020) with your unique monthly download codes here:

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1. Go to the digital files page and select the month you’d like to download:

2. Add the product to your cart and go to checkout.

3. Type in your download code at checkout. Each month has a different download code and is highlighted in yellow in the letter you receive each month. You also receive an email the first of each month with this unique code.

4. This will reduce your cost to $0.

5. Complete the checkout process.

6. You will get a link to your email address with a link to download the files. Please be sure to download them on a computer, not a phone or tablet. Store them in a safe place and back them up on a separate storage device.

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