OTs and COTAs know that life doesn't stop when things change. We just have to get creative about how we live it.

Living a full life means finding ways to stay strong, independent, connected, and fulfilled. As a clinician who focuses on the restoration of daily living, you offer your patients a pathway to not only physical recovery, but mental and emotional connection to the work, friends, family, passions, and everyday moments that make life worth living.

We know that each time you go into work, you're expected to do more and more with less time and fewer resources than ever before.

Our digital downloads are based on the latest evidence-base, with gorgeous design and accessible language. With these resources, you can dramatically improve health literacy and spark conversations that help both you and your patient further develop and work towards functional goals. We build these resources so that you can spend more time focusing on the connection between you and your patient, which ultimately, is where all of the magic happens.

The Access Pass is a powerful suite of clinical tools that helps you save time and change lives.

Get instant access to expertly crafted education handouts, functional therapy materials, and the latest research from leading experts.

As a clinician, you spend the majority of your time connecting with your patients. It's in this connection that beautiful things happen. We know that in the current state of healthcare and education settings, you simply do not have the luxury of time to research and create therapy materials or spend hours curating the latest research. That's why we created the Access Pass. Our goal? To help you save time and change lives by providing you with the most powerful clinical tool ever.

Built by clinicians, for clinicians, The Access Pass offers over 1,200 digital downloads (with new resources added monthly), a searchable library of hundreds of article snapshots (one page summaries of recently published research articles), and an unlimited CEU library with new live courses added monthly. We invite you to join our community and get instant access to beautiful patient education handouts and therapy materials, as well as the most recent research from leading experts in the field.

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