Find-a-Mentor Terms and Conditions

1. Therapy Insights is not liable for the independent contracts, services rendered, interactions, or outcomes of any mentor-learner interaction or relationship.

2. Therapy Insights seeks to make it easy and fun for mentors and learners to connect. We provide the way to connect. Beyond that, it is up to each individual mentor and learner to define what will be a meaningful and successful experience for them.

3. Embark on any mentor-learning relationship at your own risk. To seek knowledge means to want to grow. Growth requires some level of discomfort and unknown. If you cannot manage your own learning process, we do not recommend seeking out a mentor.

4. Therapy Insights does not provide mediation or facilitation between mentors and learners. All complaints must be directly communicated to the mentor or learner individually. We strongly recommend developing and signing contracts that clearly lay out your terms and conditions before entering into a mentor/learner venture.

5. Therapy Insights maintains the right to remove any mentor profile at any time based on our own evidence and determination of violating any of these rules:

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or any other discriminatory behavior or beliefs.
  • A clear record and pattern of abuse of privilege in the role of mentor.
  • Violation or expiration of any state or national license related to your professional work.