Therapy Insights Core Values


We believe that people who are in rehabilitation therapy are fighters and survivors, and they deserve high-quality therapy materials that inspire them.

We believe that the future lies in innovation and that innovation is born out of new perspectives, new questions, new thoughts and experiences. These things can only arise out of a diverse range of practicing clinicians from all walks of life with differing life experiences that create dissonance within the status quo. We created and support SLP Diversity Corps to achieve this vision.

We believe that we do not escape our lives to experience nature; that we are a part of nature and that our decisions, both personal and business, have an impact on the world we live in. We choose recycled or recyclable products when possible. We use profits to support organizations like the National Forest Foundation that work to improve water quality and tree growth with the understanding that our business exists within the context of using natural resources to produce end products.

We believe that the art and science of rehabilitation therapy lies within a paradox; that there are no black and white answers. That evidence base, while it provides a strong foundation, is not the entire structure of our knowledge and experience. That people in rehabilitation therapy are both struggling and succeeding. That rehabilitation therapists themselves are both powerful and powerless. That all human suffering has, at its roots, profound loss and immense hope.

We believe that rehabilitation therapy is not limited to one culture or language; that in fact all communication has at its core, a universal element. We support organizations that affect action and opportunities for access to rehabilitation therapy services around the world, including Dieudonne Nsabimana's African Stuttering Centre. We believe in translating high quality materials so that speakers of other languages can be a part of our community.

We believe that life is full of opportunities to grow and to learn. We believe that scientists, researchers, practitioners, and survivors are constantly churning up knowledge and experiences that serve to expand our ever-growing communal body of knowledge and that it is our job to constantly be reaching for depths of knowledge and understanding, knowing that this well is infinite and there is no final bedrock to limit us.

We believe that the current state of health and education requires an almost inhuman level of efficiency and productivity and that rehabilitation clinicians benefit from highly accessible, high-quality resources to help them save time while also delivering top-notch, evidence-based, empowering therapy.