Calling all creative Occupational Therapists!


Therapy Insights aims to tackle one of the biggest challenges of being a rehabilitation therapist: Maintaining superhuman productivity rates while being up-to-date and resource-ready for an immense range of diagnoses and recoveries.

You go in to work, and on any given day, you are part of a team tackling some of the biggest challenges that humans can face. You must be ready at a moment's notice to address patient and family education, targeted therapy, insurance companies, justification for services, productivity, and ever-shifting staff and resources.

Therapy Insights was started by an SLP who works in adult rehabilitation therapy. Over the past year, we have built up a strong library of resources for speech pathologists working in rehab settings. It didn't take us long to realize that we want to bring our OT and PT friends along on this journey.


Therapy Insights develops patient-centered, family-friendly, clinician-focused resources for rehabilitation therapy. Every month, we scour the latest evidence base and produce professionally designed, evidence-based handouts, interventions, resources, and article summaries for rehab therapists. A brand new set of materials and resources is shipped out every month to subscribers of our Therapy Fix service- a monthly collection of resources priced at 50% off for subscribers and designed to help therapists save time and be awesome.

This is where YOU come in. We are launching our OT Therapy Fix version. We need Content Specialists- people who are bursting with ideas and purchase sticky notes in bulk to keep track of them. We are looking for people who go in to work every day and think, "Gosh, if only I had a visual handout/resource about _______________ that I could share with my patient!"

You can see past issues of SLP Therapy Fix here.

You can view what SLPs have to say about Therapy Fix here.


Commitment: Generate approx 9 ideas per month for handouts, interventions, and resources (NO DESIGN EXPERIENCE/SKILL NEEDED).

Compensation: At or above current hospital clinician hourly rate. Max commitment of 9 hours/month.

Contact info for questions and to apply: