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You can also use this as a quick reference:

Aphasia/fluency/motor speech

Cultural competency

DME/assistive tech/AAC
SLP: @jessicabrown
OT: @jasminsolomon



Hearing/auditory processing

Home modifications/adaptations

Mental health

Neuro rehab (TBI, CVA, SCI)
SLP: @ginavandeusen
OT: @meganwilkinson
PT: @markdavison


OT: @emiliadewi
SLP: @jeromequellier

Pain management
PT: @meganwilkinson
OT: @rosseckstein

Progressive neurogenic disorders (NDD)
SLP: @kelleybrown
OT: @nancyyamoah
PT: @troyadam


Seating and mobility

Sports and physical performance


Vision/vestibular rehab
PT: @helenaesmonde
PT: @shanatownsend
OT: @lizyoungman


Women’s health