Making the latest research accessible

As a clinician, you work hard to offer your patients the latest evidence-based interventions and perspectives. Being able to learn about the latest research should not cost you hundreds of dollars in journal subscriptions and paywall fees. The for-profit system of academic journal publication is cost prohibitive to many clinicians. This is why we created Article Snapshots: one-page summaries of recently published research articles.

Searchable database

Wondering what the evidence says about a particular condition you see in your clinic? Search our entire database of hundreds of summarized articles.

Interdisciplinary collection

Access includes all Article Snapshots across speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

Clinical Takeaways

Every Article Snapshot concludes with bullet point takeaways you can immediately apply to your clinical practice.

Time-saving summary

We keep the summaries short and to the point because we know your time is valuable.

Take a sneak peek!

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