Mentor: Maria Turcotte, MS, CCC-SLP

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Bio: I am a 2017 graduate of NYU with experience across SNF and hospital settings, formerly in Las Vegas and currently in NYC. After a whirlwind CFY as a floating therapist covering 3 SNFs, I’ve found the value in streamlining clinical workflows and communications. I’m a systems-thinker with a passion for helping SLPs beyond the basics of patient care and diving into the nitty gritty of all the things you don’t learn in school.

Current primary professional role: Medical SLP in both community hospital and SNF settings.

Discipline: Med SLP

Licenses: New York State SLP License (027666), ASHA (14131866)

Areas of Expertise: Acute care (community hospital), SNF (short-term and long-term care), per diem work/roles, job searching and interviewing, dementia, geriatrics, end of life care, palliative care, IDDSI, interdisciplinary collaboration, in-service creation, advocacy, policy, insurance, health literacy, career goal development.

Teaching philosophy: SLPs at any career stage will benefit from mentorship – whether you’re just starting out or looking to shake things up, I’m excited to be the SLP in your corner! Let’s brainstorm and make plans with enough wiggle room for some fun and exploration.

Rate: $60/hour

Preferred modes of communication: Phone, online video, email

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