Mentor Directory

Med SLP Mentors

Nicole A. Ceppaglia, MS, CCC-SLP
Location: New York, USA.

Areas of expertise: Adults, cognition, dementia, dysphagia.

Minda Butler, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIS
Location: Florida, USA

Areas of expertise: Aphasia, dysphagia, adult apraxia, dysphonia, parkinson’s disease, brain injury, tracheostomy, ventilators, FEES, MBS, dysarthria, cognition, SNF, inpatient rehab, LTAC, memory, dementia.

Colleen Smagala-DeVane, MS, CCC-SLP
Location: Washington, USA

Areas of expertise: LVST Certified, Cog rehab with focus on functional prob solving/safety and fall risk prevention, caregiver/nursing education for dementia patients, MDTP certified.

Michelle Reno MS, CCC-SLP
Location: Texas, USA

Areas of expertise: Adults, cognition, dementia, dysphagia.

Maria Turcotte, MS, CCC-SLP
Location: New York, USA

Areas of expertise: Acute care (community hospital), SNF (short-term and long-term care), per diem work/roles, job searching and interviewing, dementia, geriatrics, end of life care, palliative care, IDDSI, interdisciplinary collaboration, in-service creation, advocacy, policy, insurance, health literacy, career goal development

Veronica Immethun, MS, CCC-SLP
Location: Missouri, USA

Areas of expertise: Inpatient rehab, SNF, stroke, dementia, medically complex patients, dysphagia and ethics, Vital Stim, Modified Barium Swallow Studies, coma sensory stimulation, student supervision.

Mallory Miracle, MA, MS, CCC-SLP
Location: Kentucky, USA

Areas of expertise: Cognitive-communication deficit, dysphagia, stroke, brain injury, dementia, VitalStim, counseling as appropriate.

Megan Pellettiere, MS, CCC-SLP
Location: New Jersey, USA. (Currently residing in Belgium)

Areas of expertise: Dementia, cognitive decline, Parkinson’s, ALS, aphasia, early intervention.

Dr. Porsche’ Battle, SLPD, CCC-SLP
Location: South Carolina, USA

Areas of expertise: Dysphagia, stroke, aphasia, Parkinson’s disease, management and leadership roles.

Allison McGee, MSP, CCC-SLP, CDP
Location: South Carolina

Areas of expertise: Long term care, post-acute care, geriatric speech therapy, SNF, Medicare reimbursement, Interprofessional Practice, graduate student supervision, advocacy, leadership, FEES trained.

Lisa M Lachance, MA, CCC-SLP
Location: California, USA

Areas of expertise: Adults, dysphagia, aphasia, voice, motor speech disorders, interprofessional education.

Hilary Diefenbach, MA, CCC-SLP, CBIST
Location: Colorado, USA

Areas of expertise: Mild traumatic brain injury, veteran’s health, acquired brain injury, interdisciplinary care for complex sequelae of traumatic injury (e.g., PTSD, optokinetic dysfunction).

Bettina Weldon Gibbs, MS, CCC-SLP
Location: Alabama, USA

Areas of expertise: Dysphagia, trach management, TBI, aphasia, dysarthria, voice.

Lauren Schwabish MS, CCC-SLP
Location: Virginia, USA

Areas of expertise: Person-centered assessment and goal setting for patients with stroke, acquired brain injury; clinical writing; in-service development; professional goal planning.

Kelli A. Uitenham, CScD, CCC-SLP
Location: USA

Areas of expertise: Dementia, aphasia, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, dysphagia, fluency, articulation, accent modification, voice.

Meghin Boryan, M.S., CCC-SLP
Location: USA

Areas of expertise: Adults, pediatrics, LSVT Loud certified, Speak Out certified, Vital Stim certified, dysphagia, modified barium swallow studies, voice, cognitive-communication deficits, dementia, Positive Approach to Care trainer, head/neck cancer, goal writing for patient-centered outcomes.

Pediatric SLP Mentors

Armida Carr, MS, CCC-SLP
Location: Arizona, USA

Areas of expertise: Bilingual, orofacial myology, pediatric.

OT/OTA Mentors

Allison E. Cover, MS, OTRL/L
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Areas of expertise: Geriatrics, acute care rehabilitation, Optima documentation.

John Vincent Rider, PhD, OTR/L, MSCS, CEAS

Location: Nevada, USA

Areas of expertise: Orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, neurodegenerative disorders, adults and older adults, chronic conditions, pain, ergonomics, functional cognition, fear avoidance, mental health, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, primary care, anatomy.

Megan Wilkinson, OTR/L

Location: Texas, USA

Areas of expertise: Neurorehabilitation with emphasis in TBI, CVA, and SCI, community re-integration, interdisciplinary therapy, functional cognition and vision deficits.

Sarah Beth McCadden OTD, MS, OTR/L

Location: Virginia, USA

Areas of expertise: Inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, treatment of the adult neurological client, treatment of the geriatric population in the SNF setting and outpatient, hospital management, program development, hospital policy development, student program development, mentorship at hospital setting, interdisciplinary practice, academia.

Bernice Nemtzov, COTA/L

Location: New York and New Jersey, USA

Areas of expertise: Sub acute and long term care, geriatrics and physical rehab, Medicare documentation requirements, CASAMBA, Rehab Optima and NetHealth documentation, CPAM certification in physical modalities.

PT/PTA Mentors

Troy Adam, PT, DPT, NCS
Location: Montana, USA

Areas of expertise: Neurology, anatomy, electro, clinical education, SCI, TBI, vestibular.