Mentor Directory Terms and Conditions

Are mentors free?

We do not require that mentors charge a fee, though we strongly recommend a minimum charge of $50/hour. Why? Here are several reasons:

  1. You are less likely to waste each other’s time.
    Your time is valuable. When we attach a tangible value to the time we spend (such as cost per hour), we are in a better position to manage that time effectively.
  2. You are supporting a sustainable mentoring community.
    What happens when we give and give and give with nothing in return? BURN OUT. We’re all familiar with this. We encourage mentors to charge a fee so that their time and efforts are supported and they can continue to give to others.
  3. You are honoring what others are giving.
    Too often in the helping-profession community, experienced clinicians are asked to give away their time, expertise, knowledge, and support for free. This is an unsustainable model. We don’t ask counselors or doctors to donate their time just because they are helping us. Likewise, we don’t ask mentors to give away their time just because they are helping us.

Why do you charge a $10 fee to be listed as a mentor?

We require a one-time $10 fee for anyone wanting to apply to be listed as a mentor in this directory. Why? Here are a few of our reasons. If these reasons don’t work for you, we recommend looking into the many other mentoring communities to see if they are a better fit for you.

  1. To optimize the chance of follow-through.
    Therapy Insights offers multiple opportunities for networking and conversation. We have noticed a pattern through the years: When we offer the opportunity for free, hundreds of people sign up, but very few, if any, follow through. A small fee of $10 helps us weed out the people who like the idea of mentoring, but who don’t actually have the time or intention to follow through.
  2. We invest in you. We want you to invest in us.
    When we put your name on our website, you are, whether you realize it or not, representing us for the sole reason that your name is on our website. While we cannot guarantee the quality of any mentor, we do spend a lot of time going through applications and ensuring that the mentors who apply are licensed and align with our core values. 100% of your one-time fee goes towards the costs of application processing, web hosting, web development, graphic design, customer service, mentor support calls, the mentor dashboard, and resources, including sample contracts and sample mentoring models.

Purpose of this service

We believe that grad school provides a strong foundation of knowledge, and that to become a truly competent clinician, it’s up to each of us to seek lifelong learning opportunities throughout our careers that challenge and strengthen our zone of expertise. We started this Find-a-Mentor service based on these two ideas:

  1. Not all knowledge is found in academic institutions or traditional learning environments.
  2. We are stronger when we stand with and for each other.

What this service is:

  • A place for clinicians looking for a mentor to find one that meets their needs.
  • A place for clinicians who are available to provide mentoring services to advertise their availability and areas of expertise.

What this service is not:

  • We do not facilitate interactions or in any way ensure or guarantee the quality of your mentoring relationship.
  • We do not hold any liability for the interactions between you and mentors/learners. We are here to connect people, and we leave it up to you to decide how that connection will play out.

Cost of this service

For those searching for a mentor:

It is free to browse and connect with potential mentors.

We hold no requirements for what mentors charge for their mentoring services, but we recommend a rate of $50/hour minimum. Each mentor can provide more details about what they charge.

For those advertising their availability as mentors:

There is a one-time fee of $10 to advertise yourself as a mentor on this site. Your one-time $10 fee helps to cover Therapy Insights’ cost to facilitate the mentor-to-mentee directory and gives the mentor access to the following exclusive content:

  • individualized profile listing
  • mentor dashboard
  • notifications
  • mentor guides
  • sample contracts
  • sample pricing structures
  • structured mentoring session ideas
  • and more!

There are so many different ways a mentorship could be structured. For example:

  • Monthly Zoom meeting – Duration 1 hr – $50 – Ask Me Anything
  • 10 answered emails – $50
  • 1 weekly phone call – Duration 20 minutes – $50 – Ask Me Anything

Further guidance and ideas can be found in the mentor dashboard once your profile is active.

Are these mentors verified?

This is a platform to connect those wanting to mentor with those looking for a mentor. We at Therapy Insights do not guarantee the quality of any mentor. We do verify their current license and ask mentors to provide their license number on their profile. There is no accreditation process- any SLP, OT, COTA, PT, or PTA who is actively licensed may elect to list themselves as a mentor on our site.

You as the clinician seeking mentoring services are the sole person responsible for the quality of your interaction. Therapy Insights does not provide any mediation, customer service, or other interaction of any kind between you and your mentor. Nor do we play any role in your contractual agreement. We only provide the platform for you to seek out a mentor. We recommend asking the following questions, either by phone or by email when seeing if someone will be a good mentor for you:

  1. How much do you charge per hour to be a mentor?
  2. What is your experience with (area of expertise you want to learn more about)?
  3. What is your availability? Are you able to meet once a week? Once a month? (Be clear about what you need).
  4. How do you want to interact? Zoom? FaceTime? Email? Text? Phone?
  5. How and when will we end our mentoring contract?

Why seek out a mentor?

  • You’re tired of getting chewed out by people you don’t know on social media for phrasing your question the wrong way.
  • You’re tired of getting 12 different conflicting answers to your question on social media that leave you with no clarity.
  • You have questions but no answers to many clinical questions you face on a daily basis.
  • You have an assigned mentor at work, but you don’t have a great connection with them and need a safer space in which to ask questions and learn information.
  • You wish you head learned more about XYZ in grad school and feel a gap in your knowledge.
  • You want to offer more knowledge, experience, and insight for your patients.
  • You want to accelerate your learning process towards becoming a leading expert in your field.
  • You are open to lifelong learning.
  • You find yourself consuming every article, resource, and book about a topic, and still don’t have clarity on your questions.
  • Your friends and family are tired of hearing you vent about your job and you need a safe space where you can talk through the many emotional, clinical, and productivity demands of your job while seeking ideas to alleviate stress and solve problems.