For Facilities

Give your staff the most precious resource of all: Time.


Time is your most valuable resource. The Access Pass allows you as leaders to provide the necessary tools for your clinical staff to maximize productivity and therapeutic impact.

“Not only are the resources time-saving, they also help to increase my creativity with activities, giving me additional ideas to implement.”  – Access Pass member

“These tools are convenient: quick, easy, and organized. This improves quality of care by allowing for education of clients and caregivers. I also find the eval tools to be convenient in that they allow me to obtain information in a quick and efficient manner.”  – Access Pass member



87% of current members would be more attracted to a job opportunity with a potential employer who offered the Access Pass membership as a perk of employment.


94% of current members report that they would feel more supported by their employer if they provided them with an Access Pass membership.

Both statistics are based on an anonymous survey sent to Access Pass members in April 2021.

Empower your therapists. Improve productivity.

“The Access Pass saves me time by providing treatment materials that I can print off at the start of my day, saving me time and increasing my productivity across patients. I can quickly plan out my day based on my caseload and have my materials read to go!”

– Access Pass member

Let’s crunch some time-saving, money-saving numbers!


The Access Pass provides these time-saving features for your staff:

  • Printable resources: Print anything from the resource library (1200+ resources and growing). Members vote for what we produce next.
  • Research summaries: Read anything from the Article Snapshots library.
  • Continuing education: Monthly live courses + on-demand recorded courses.
  • Online community + mentorship: Clinical Compass app account.

On average, clinicians save about 2 hours of time per week with the Access Pass:

  • Less time spent cobbling together resources. Simply search for resources based on diagnosis, click, print, and go.
  • Less time spent on documentation. Search the library of Article Snapshots for peer-reviewed academic research to back up treatment methods rather than scouring the internet for free-access journals.
  • Improved clinical judgement with access to courses taught by leading experts in the field.
  • Improved confidence and job satisfaction with access to a global community of therapists with 20+ Clinical Guides ready to engage with their questions within 36 hours.

Ready to set your team up for success?


FAQs for Facilties 

Can our staff share one account?

No. Each individual must have their own Access Pass account. This is due to the personalized nature of the membership, including continuing education course participation and membership to our private community app.

Can we purchase a facility account?

No, but we do offer discounts for multiple memberships within one facility (see below).

We recommend the following:

  • Offer your staff reimbursement for a monthly or annual Access Pass membership.
  • Purchase a membership on behalf of their employee. We can help you get this set up. Contact us for assistance.

We offer the following discounts for multiple memberships within one facility:

  • 10-19 members: 10% discount
  • 20-29 members: 15% discount
  • 30+ members: 20% discount

Please contact us for a discount code. 

We would love a chance to connect with you and your team!

Book a free Treat and Learn for your facility!

What is a Treat and Learn?

  • A 30 or 60 minute presentation, presented by Therapy Insights founder, Megan Berg, MA, CCC-SLP (select from a variety of topics).
  • We send the treats and meet you and your team on Zoom.
  • Therapy Insights will lead a presentation about a topic of your choice, segueing into an overview of Therapy Insight’s resources that serve clinicians.