Introduction to Lymphedema

Presented by Tracy Winkley, PT, CWS, CLT, FACCWS, DAPWCA

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Course Description

Participants in the introductory course will receive an overview of the lymph system and its functions. Additionally, the course will discuss the causes of breakdown of the system that lead to lymphedema, along with the stages, characteristics that identify each stage, preferred treatments for lymphedema as well as precautions to observe when treating lymphedema patients […]
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Meet Your Presenter

Tracy Winkley has a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana Tech University and Master of Physical Therapy degree from University of Texas Southwest Medical Center. She has over 20 years of experience in wound care to patients of all ages across multiple practice settings. Tracy earned her Certified Wound Specialist credential from the American Board of Wound Management in 2011. In 2015, she became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist in order to provide more comprehensive treatment for her patients. Tracy has developed and expanded The Wound Healing Center at Beauregard Health System and is currently both practitioner and Clinic Coordinator in the center. She is a member of the American Professional Wound Care Association and American College of Clinical Wound Specialists, currently serving on the Board of Directors for the College. Tracy is a proponent of wound education, providing classes and presentations for national conferences and continuing education courses, as well as clinical internships to both nursing and physical therapy students. Additionally, she regularly does presentations and social media awareness campaigns within the community to increase public awareness of wound care and management.


  • This course has been Approved by CERS, an Approval Agency for the California Board of Physical Therapy. CERS Course Approval #: 23-51082-1.

Course Details

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. List three functions of the lymph system.
  2. Name two main types of lymphedema.
  3. Identify the stages of lymphedema and characteristics of each.
  4. List possible differential diagnoses.
  5. Name 4 precautions to follow when treating lymphedema patients for other issues.

Time-ordered Agenda

  • 0:00 - Overview of the lymph system and its functions
  • 0:10 - Common causes of lymphedema and types
  • 0:20 - Stages of lymphedema and characteristics of each stage
  • 0:35 - Differential diagnoses and precautions to observe during unrelated therapy treatments
  • 0:45 - Options for treating lymphedema
  • 0:50 - Q/A
  • 1:00 - End course + quiz

Instructional Level

Information is geared to practitioners with little or no knowledge of the subject matter. Focus is on providing general introductory information.

Target Audience

PTs, OTs, and SLPs.

Live Course Information

This course will be presented on the Zoom platform. High-speed internet connection is required.

Recorded Course Information

This course will be available for CEUs until January 17, 2024.

Instructor Financial Disclosures

  • Presenter is being paid by Therapy Insights to prepare and present this course.
  • Presenter is a practitioner as well as the clinic coordinator of the wound healing center at Beauregard Health System in Louisiana.

Instructor Non-financial Disclosures

  • Presenter is a member of the American Professional Wound Care Association and American College of Clinical Wound Specialists, currently serving on the Board of Directors for the College.

Certificates of Completion

Once the exam is completed and you have provided feedback about the course, you will receive an emailed certificate of completion with course title, course instructor name/title, learning objectives, your name, your license number (if desired), and a confirmation from the CE Task Force director confirming completion of course. If your state licensing board requires specific records of course participation (all licensing boards are different), please email us and we will provide the documentation.

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