Infant Oral Play: A Look at Oral Movements to Promote Functional Movement

Presented by Mallory L. Millet, MS, SLP, IFS, CIMI-II

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Course Description

The oral mechanism is made of typical skeletal muscles which act on movement and can be altered by tension. Common infant behaviors include: open mouth posture, oral tension, tongue thrusting and feeding difficulties. All of these can be improved with muscle facilitation. In this course, learners will better understand how to identify and intervene appropriately […]
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Meet Your Presenter

Mallory Millet is a speech pathologist who specializes in pediatric feeding disorders. Her focuses include infant reflux, infant oral development and bottle feeding. Through her professional work, and with the lack of support during her own babies’ feeding journeys, she created, The Feeding Mom. It is here that she provides in- person and virtual support to empower parents through their feeding journeys locally and around the world. Her philosophy is: every parent deserves to love feeding their baby. Additionally, she is a certified infant feeding specialist, a certified infant reflux specialist, and a certified infant massage instructor. She has received the ASHA ACE award twice. She is married and a mom of three under the age of 4. She currently lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


  • This program is offered for .1 ASHA CEUs, (Intermediate Level; Professional Area).

Course Details

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe differences in bottle nipple shapes and flow rates.
  2. Identify bottle appropriateness based on client specifics.

Time-ordered Agenda

  • 0:00 - Overview of oral anatomy
  • 0:08 - Benefits of oral play
  • 0:15 - Breakdown of specific activities and each of their purpose
  • 0:40 - Troubleshooting common problems and critical thinking
  • 0:50 - Q/A session
  • 1:00 - End course

Instructional Level

Information is geared to practitioners with a general working knowledge of current practice trends and literature related to the subject matter. Focus is on increasing understanding and competent application of the subject matter.

Target Audience

Pediatric speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists who work with infants who have oral motor challenges that result in difficulty with feeding and/or speech development.

Live Course Information

This course will be presented on the Zoom platform. High-speed internet connection is required.

Recorded Course Information

The course will be available for CEUs until March 17, 2025.

Instructor Financial Disclosures

  • Presenter is being paid by Therapy Insights to prepare and present this course.
  • Presenter is owner of The Feeding Mom and author of a self-study guide for caregivers: Say AHH- An Infant Into Todderhood Oral Play Guide.

Instructor Non-financial Disclosures

  • None.

Certificates of Completion

Once the exam is completed and you have provided feedback about the course, you will receive an emailed certificate of completion with course title, course instructor name/title, learning objectives, your name, your license number (if desired), and a confirmation from the CE Task Force director confirming completion of course. If your state licensing board requires specific records of course participation (all licensing boards are different), please email us and we will provide the documentation.

Instructional Methodology


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