Burn Care & Rehabilitation: An Overview of Therapy Management Part Two

Presented by Jonathan Niszczak MS OTR/L BT-C

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Course Description

Part two of this burn rehabilitation course will examine the core concepts of burn rehabilitation including the pathophysiology of scar management; the core concepts of burn therapy modalities and understand the difference of different scar types and how they are impacted by burn rehabilitation interventions.
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Meet Your Presenter

Jonathan Niszczak, MS, OTR/L BT-C has an advanced Master’s Certification in Hand and Upper Quadrant Rehabilitation from Drexel University and a Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University. Jonathan has also achieved Burn Therapist Certification (BT-C) in 2018 as part of the inaugural national certification program from the American Burn Association. Jonathan has been working directly in burn rehabilitation for over 23 years. He is a Clinical Care Specialist for Bio Med Sciences, Inc. in Allentown, PA. Additionally, he works at the Thomas Jefferson University Burn Center and formally at the Burn Center at Temple University Hospital. He has served as a Medical Diplomat with Physicians for Peace for over 15 years on burn care missions throughout Central and South America as well as the Middle East. He is an active member of the American Burn Association; European Burn Association; International Society for Burn Injuries and the Australian New Zealand Burn Association. Jonathan currently serves as the Education Chair for the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI). As a clinician, he has been awarded the Physicians for Peace Medical Diplomat Award for his outstanding service in international burn outreach. Jonathan has published and presented in both scholarly domestic and international peer reviewed journals and clinal textbooks primarily on burn rehabilitation, wound healing, scar management and functional outcomes in burns.


  • Therapy Insights is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. Course approval ID# 06150. This Distance Learning-Independent and Distance Learning-Interactive is offered at .1 CEUs, introductory level, OT Service Delivery. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.

Course Details

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. List two fundamentals of burn rehabilitation.
  2. Describe the pathophysiology of scar management.
  3. Define the core concepts of burn therapy modalities.
  4. Describe the difference of different scar types and how they are impacted by burn rehabilitation interventions.

Time-ordered Agenda

  • 0:00 - Overview of burn rehabilitation management
  • 0:10 - Positioning strategies
  • 0:20 - Splinting strategies
  • 0:30 - Scar management overview and interventions
  • 0:40 - Scar management modalities
  • 0:50 - Silicone overview
  • 0:58 - Q/A
  • 1:00 - End course + quiz

Instructional Level

Information is geared to practitioners with little or no knowledge of the subject matter. Focus is on providing general introductory information.

Target Audience

OTs and PTs that work with patients with burns and their caregivers.

Live Course Information

This course will be presented on the Zoom platform. High-speed internet connection is required.

Recorded Course Information

This course will be available for CEUs until January 16th, 2028.

Instructor Financial Disclosures

  • Presenter is being paid by Therapy Insights to prepare and present this course.
  • Presenter is employed by Bio Med Sciences, Inc., Temple University Hospital and Thomas Jefferson Hospital Burn Unit.
  • Presenter works as a consultant and presents information related to burn rehabilitation.

Instructor Non-financial Disclosures

  • Presenter is the current Educational Chair for the International Society for Burn Injuries.

Certificates of Completion

Once the exam is completed and you have provided feedback about the course, you will receive an emailed certificate of completion with course title, course instructor name/title, learning objectives, your name, your license number (if desired), and a confirmation from the CE Task Force director confirming completion of course. If your state licensing board requires specific records of course participation (all licensing boards are different), please email us and we will provide the documentation.

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