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Bundle: Oral Care
Bundle: Oral Care
Bundle: Oral Care
Bundle: Oral Care

Bundle: Oral Care

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The Oral Care Bundle includes the following files:

  • Handout: How to Complete Oral Care
    • Oral care is frequently overlooked in hospital, rehabilitation, and long-term care settings. This handout describes step-by-step instructions for completing oral care, with specific care instructions for people who have dentures or who are at high risk for aspiration. This handout is designed for staff, patients, family, and caregivers to improve the quality of oral care and reducing the risks associated with oral bacteria in the body.
  • Handout: Oral Care and Overall Health
    • Oral care continues to be one of the most powerful preventative cares in rehabilitation and long-term care settings. This handout describes the latest research showing the effect that oral care can have on overall health, including brain function, heart longevity, and diabetes management.
  • Handout: Oral Care and Aspiration Pneumonia
    • Handout designed for Speech-Language Pathologists to provide to staff, patients, and family to help communicate the importance of oral care to prevent aspiration pneumonia.

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