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                Load image into Gallery viewer, Dysphagia Bundle: Dysphagia Interventions and Strategies (Pack 1)

                Load image into Gallery viewer, Dysphagia Bundle: Dysphagia Interventions and Strategies (Pack 1)
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Dysphagia Bundle: Dysphagia Interventions and Strategies (Pack 1)

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    The Dysphagia Interventions and Strategies Med SLP Bundle includes the following files:
    • Dysphagia Exercises Tracking
      • Swallow exercise tracking sheet. Great for speech therapy sessions focused on dysphagia and reducing the risk of aspiration. Excellent homework tool.
    • Dysphagia Intervention: Chin Tuck Against Resistance (CTAR)
      • Designed for SLPs working with patients who have dysphagia and need to strengthen the suprahyoid muscles to improve the swallow.
    • Dysphagia Postural Strategies: Head Tilt and Head Turn
      • This handout is designed for SLPs working with people in rehabilitation settings who are experiencing dysphagia related to unilateral weakness at some point in the oro-pharyngeal phase of the swallow. The handout provides visuals for the two strategies as well as a snapshot of the evidence-base for when these strategies may be most effective.
    • Handout: Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST)
      • This handout describes the anatomy/physiology involved in clearing foreign particles from the lungs. It describes how with dysphagia, this clearing action can sometimes be impaired due to poor cough strength. EMST is described, along with pictures of samples of EMST tools and a research study that links EMST use with progress in dysphagia therapy.
    • Handout: GERD Precautions to Prevent Aspiration Pneumonia
      • Handout featuring explanation of aspiration pneumonia as related to GERD as well as 8 specific strategies for reducing the symptoms of GERD and related risk of aspiration pneumonia. Designed for speech-language pathologists working with patients who have dysphagia exacerbated by GERD.
    • Handout: How to Make Thickened Liquid Popsicles
      • There are, in fact, ways to make it so that thickened liquids don't taste like snot. One strategy is to serve the drinks as cold as possible... even better, freeze them! For more details and to see a video of this in action, visit this blog post.
    • Handout: Meltable Solids for People with Dysphagia
      • Handout designed for SLPs to share with patients, family, staff, and kitchen managers to describe the texture and benefits of meltable solids for people who have dysphagia, particularly people who are usually on pureed diets but still have the ability to chew.
    • Handout: Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation to Treat Dysphagia
      • Handout for SLPs working in rehabilitation settings. This 1-page visual describes what dysphagia is, as well as the history of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), how NMES can improve the swallow, and provides a list of potential contraindications.
    • Handout: The Importance of a Close Shave for NMES for Dysphagia
      • Handout for SLPs using neuro-muscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to treat dysphagia. This handout is intended for patients and caregivers to address the importance of a close shave before each session of NMES. A visual graphic concretely describes the flow of current and how a close shave can prevent the stinging sensation during this treatment.
    • Handout: Shaker Swallow Exercise
      • This handout is designed for speech-language pathologists working with people in rehabilitation settings who are targeting suprahyoid strength to address dysphagia. The handout includes information about how to complete the shaker exercise as well as visual anatomy to describe how the exercise is attempting to strengthen specific swallow muscles.
    • Handout: The Masako Dysphagia Exercise
    • Handout: The Mendelsohn Dysphagia Intervention
      • Handout featuring instructions and evidence base for Mendelsohn swallow exercise to improve hyoid elevation and excursion.
    • Handout: The Point of Thickened Liquids
      • This handout is designed for SLPs who work with people who have dysphagia and use thickened liquids as a compensatory strategy due to a delayed swallow.
    • Tabletop Dysphagia Cue Cards
      • These handy dysphagia cue cards are designed to be discretely placed at dining tables to remind patients of dysphagia precautions. The cue cards feature a graphic of swallow anatomy/physiology and have blank spaces for SLPs to include specific personalized swallow strategies.
    • Handout: Which Thickener is Right for Me?
      • This handout is designed for SLPs working with patients who have dysphagia and are using thickened liquids as a compensatory strategy. The handout lays out the basics of these types of thickeners, including main ingredients, shelf life, how they're thickened, and pros/cons.

        • Powder-based thickeners
        • Pre-thickened products
        • Gel-based thickeners
        • Natural thickeners
    • NO STRAWS sign
      • This sign is designed for speech-language pathologists working with people with dysphagia in medical settings. The sign is designed to be placed at bedside to improve carry-over of dysphagia strategies.
    • Puree Flavor POWER! 27 Ways to Get Creative with Mashed Potatoes
      • Being on a pureed diet can be an isolating, degrading, depressing situation. This calls for creativity! There are so many ways to add flavor to mashed potatoes- make it a dessert, make it spicy, make it Thai, Indian, Mexican cuisine... there are no limits! Here are 27 ideas to get kitchen staff, patients, and families inspired.
    • Quick Reference Guide for SLPs: Medication-Induced Dysphagia
      • This quick reference guide refers to common medications that may cause dysphagia. This reference is limited in scope and is not a comprehensive list of every drug that may cause difficulty swallowing. Medications available on the current market may have changed since this documented was created. It is best to gain a general understanding of the classes of drugs that may cause dysphagia and refer to physicians to discuss care plans. 
    • Thickened Liquids Signs - Nectar, Honey, and Pudding Thick
      • These three signs are designed for Speech-Language Pathologists to improve carry-over of thickened liquids as a compensatory strategy. Signs placed at head-of-bed can serve as helpful reminders for patients, staff, and family.

    Tech specs: Digital download. 25 pages. 8.5 x 11 inches. PDF format. 98.2 MB. 

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