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Med SLP Bundle: Aphasia (Pack 1)



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    The Aphasia Bundle includes the following files:
    • 5 Pocket-Sized Low Tech AAC Cards for People with Aphasia
      • 5 low-tech AAC cards designed for people who want a low-key, basic, pocketable communication tool. The five cards feature an alphabet board, basic words (nurse, doctor, bathroom, medications, glasses, shoes), emojis to communicate emotions, a visual pain scale, and yes/no card with communication strategies. This is not a comprehensive communication board.
    • Alphabet Board
      • Alphabet boards to have handy when assessing people with aphasia or other communication barriers. Two separate layouts: alphabetical and QWERTY keyboard.
    • Constraint-Induced Language Therapy (CILT) Task: Building a Garden
      • Constraint Induced Language Therapy relies on solely verbal communication, avoiding the use of compensatory strategies such as gesturing, drawing, writing, etc. The two tasks included in this product force patients to use only verbal language to accurately place plants in a garden.
    • Constraint-Induced Language Therapy (CILT) Task: Organizing a Workspace
      • This task is designed for speech-language pathologists working with people on functional vocabulary and conversation using the constraint-induced language therapy model. Patients are challenged to place objects in a workspace according to how they are described.
    • Emergency Aphasia Card
      • A card featuring communication strategies for people with aphasia. Designed for people with aphasia to carry with them in their wallets/purses when out in the community, including a place for emergency contact information.
    • Handout: Aphasia and the Brain
      • Handout for patients and their families that describes Broca's area, Wernicke's area, and the arcuate fasciculus as they relate to language function and aphasia. This handout is meant to capture the basics of brain areas that aid in motor speech vs. comprehension as well as the part of the brain believed to link the two areas.

    • Handout: Types of Aphasia and their Neurological Correlates
      • This handout is designed for speech-language pathologists looking for a visual way to describe the varying ways that aphasia may present given a particular brain lesion. The handout describes the common signs and symptoms of these types of aphasia:

        • Anomic
        • Conduction
        • Wernicke's
        • Transcortical Motor
        • Broca's
        • Global
    • Handout: What is Apraxia? What is Aphasia?
      • A handout describing the neurological and symptomatic differences between aphasia and apraxia of speech.
    • Language Intervention: Interview Questions to Improve Quality of Care for Those With Aphasia
      • Designed for SLPs working with people who have aphasia. This interview form is to be filled out by friends/family who know the patient in order to improve quality and relevance of speech therapy.
    • Language Task: Automatic speech scenes
      • This product is designed for speech-language pathologists working with patients who are strengthening their automatic expressive language. These 12 scenes can be used to illicit spontaneous speech of common phrases, such as, "Thank you," "hello," "goodnight," etc.
    • Language Task: Building a Medical History Form
      • This therapy task is designed for Speech-Language Pathologists working with people who have aphasia or other communication impairments. It is based on the PACT method, published in The ASHA Leader, March 2016. Instructions: In a structured therapy session, complete these forms with a patient who has communication challenges before they go to doctor’s appointments. Ensure that a copy is sent with all medical appointments that the patient has scheduled.

    • Language Task: Inclusion/Exclusion of Categories
      • This task is designed for speech-language pathologists targeting language categories in structured therapy settings. The patient is asked to circle items that belong to a category and put an X through items that do not belong. This product contains three categories: Fruits, animals, and things that start with B.
    • Language task: Matching pictures to words
      • This language task features 48 word squares that correlate to 48 single written word cards. The task is designed for SLPs working with people who have therapy goals related to word-finding, single word functional reading, and visual-spatial matching.
    • Language Therapy Task: Feature Analysis Word Maps
      • Language therapy task with 10 pages of stunning photos with word maps tackling semantic feature analysis.
    • Make-Your-Own-Communication-Board for People with Aphasia
      • A quick tool for SLPs to build custom communication boards for people with aphasia or other communication barriers. This digital download comes with 5 pages of icons (60 icons total). The patient can select words that they find useful. Cut, paste, laminate.

    • Two Language Tasks for Constraint-Induced Language Therapy (CILT)
      • Constraint Induced Language Therapy relies on solely verbal communication, avoiding the use of compensatory strategies such as gesturing, drawing, writing, etc. The two tasks included in this product force patients to use only verbal language to either
 A) put pictures of objects in a particular order, or B) place objects in the correct location within a blank scene.
    • Visual Scanning + Language Task
      • This product is a functional upgrade to that task and is designed for Speech-Language Pathologists working on single-word reading, word-finding, naming, and visuo-spatial skills. It works well in co-treatment settings as the need to access pictures across the large board provides opportunities to work on standing, balance, and endurance. This is a digital download file that includes 48 picture squares with 48 corresponding text squares. Each square is 4x4 inches.

    • Word-Finding Strategies
      • This handout visualizes 9 strategies patients can use when they get stuck and can't find the word they want. Pair this handout with therapy tasks targeting word-finding.

    Full access to all PDFs is $90. Once purchased, you may save to your computer and print as many times as needed for your clinical practice.

    Please note that PDFs are not easily opened, saved, or manipulated on phones or tablets. We recommend only downloading on a computer after purchase. Digital download links will be available after payment on the checkout page and in your order confirmation via email. You will have 5 download attempts over 1 month to access the file. Only the purchaser may access and use the file for their own clinical practice.

    It is ok to:

    • Share a printed copy of this resource with a patient/client, their family members and friends, and non-SLP/OT/PT related staff such as nursing, home healthcare providers, physicians, CNAs, social services, dietitians, activities teams, teachers, caregivers, etc.
    • Digitally share the file via online, secure, HIPAA-compliant teletherapy software platforms to any of the people listed in the above point in the context of teletherapy.

    It is not ok to:

    • Share any digital copy with clients outside of the context of teletherapy.
    • Store these files in any publicly accessible online storage system, such as a shared Google drive or other online storage service.
    • To share these files with other SLP/OT/PT related colleagues or friends. Please refer, don’t share.

    Tech specs: Digital download. 86 pages. 8.5 x 11 inches. PDF format. 113 MB. Must be opened on a computer, not a phone or tablet.

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