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The first 100% private app providing community, mentorship, and support for speech, occupational, and physical therapists around the world.

Leave the bullying, snotty crowd of “private” Facebook groups and join a community of passionate, motivated, and impactful therapists just like you!

Whether you’re brand new to the field or have 20+ years of experience, this community is for you.

If you’ve been a part of a “private” SLP, OT, or PT Facebook group, you know very well the challenges of finding true community and support. Dualistic thinking, political rhetoric, and power struggles over who is right and who is wrong can quickly de-rail your experience. We thought it was time to completely revolutionize our online community spaces. Step one? Get off of Facebook and other for-profit, advertising-based platforms.

The Clinical Compass app is 100% private and is moderated by expert Clinical Guides. Each Clinical Guide is an SLP, OT, or PT with extensive clinical experience. While they are not here to provide us with black and white answers to our questions, they are here to provide insight, guidance, and perspective as we all trek down our path of becoming better critical thinkers and lifelong learners. They are also here to facilitate a safe, professional vibe full of respect, inclusion, humility, and empowerment.

100% private.

When we say our app is 100% private, this is what we mean: This app is built from scratch and 100% owned by Therapy Insights. It is hosted on private servers. This means that we are not reliant on any other company or platform to ensure privacy and data safety. We get to set the rules, not someone else. You can rest assured knowing that we’re not tracking you, we’re not selling your data, and we’re not leaving it up to a third party to ensure that this never changes.

Circle, Mighty Networks, Facebook, Khoros, Tribe, Amity, and other similar platforms are not private. They are owned by for-profit companies who set their own privacy rules that they get to change at any time. Digital privacy remains unregulated in the United States. Do you want to leave your digital footprint in a space that you can’t really trust?

We pledge to protect your personal information as if it were our own.

And while there may be times that we allow sponsors onto the app, we pledge to:

  • Act with integrity and not share your personal information.
  • Fully disclose the nature of the sponsorship.
  • Thoughtfully select sponsors that are aligned with our values and integrity.


100% private

We don’t track your browsing history in order to sell you advertising. Your privacy and safety is our top priority.

Expert guides

Feeling isolated? Lack mentorship and support in your current position? We’ve got a whole team of highly skilled Clinical Guides here to help.



With an intentional focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, our community is designed to break down silos and honor the many overlaps of our professions.



Meet Your Clinical Guides

Nathan Michaels

Dana Bryant

Emilia Dewi

Kim Moser

Mark Davison

Kelley Brown

Jerome Quellier

Liz Youngman

Helena Esmonde

Heather Smith

Megan Wilkinson


Megan Theiler

Gina VanDeusen

Tara Scully

Shana Townsend

Groups Inside the App

Clinical Compass supports community and discussion around the following topics:
This app currently serves therapists working with adults.

Aphasia/fluency/motor speech

Cultural competency

DME/assistive tech/AAC



Hearing/auditory processing

Home modifications/adaptations

Mental health

Neuro rehab (TBI, CVA, SCI)



Pain management

Progressive neurogenic disorders (NDD)

Seating and mobility

Sports and physical performance


Vision/vestibular rehab


Our Core Values

The Clinical Compass app is a virtual interdisciplinary community for speech, occupational, and physical therapy practitioners. We support clinical decision making, connect professionals to resources, and inspire each individual to their greatest potential of practice within a safe and inclusive environment.

Lifelong Learning
We are willing to change our perspective as new research and resources shift our understanding in order to offer the highest standards of practice. We strive to help clinicians learn while recognizing that we ourselves are not infallible and are lifelong learners ourselves.

We believe in encouraging clinicians to empower themselves and their patients to ensure that rehabilitation efforts are worthwhile, shared experiences driven by the patient and not by external factors.

Holistic Care
Best treatment can be provided when we look at our clients as a whole person with holistic perspectives that don’t focus on their symptoms and their disease process alone, but also focus on their background, personhood, and goals.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration
We are more effective when we collaborate with other disciplines and learn from one another, rather than compete for scope of practice. Our patients need all the services that we can provide together.

Open, Safe, Inclusive Space
To learn is to be vulnerable. To learn is to be brave. We believe that the spaces most conducive to learning are spaces where mistakes can be made, support is constant, and growth is celebrated together.

Evidence-Based Decision Making
We believe in using research as a spring-board for clinical decision making rather than the ultimate rule such that professionals will rely on all three facets of the evidence-based triangle equally.

We have a set of tools that define our best practice, but there is no one way to do things. Clinicians and patients should have a choice when it comes to choosing the best practice guide/clinical tools for their needs.

We believe in giving our best effort to help physical, occupational, and speech therapists get the information they need to succeed in the fields of rehabilitation by striving to be humble and recognize where we need to work to improve our own knowledge.

We believe that speech, occupational, and physical therapy are infinitely creative fields with endless opportunities to problem solve and generate creative therapy sessions to meet functional goals.

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