Therapy Fix 2020- Updates to the Med/Rehab SLP Edition

2020 marks the third year of the Med/Rehab SLP Therapy Fix and we are so excited to dive in to more content creation! We love creating evidence-based, accessible, affordable, printable, relatable, engaging handouts to help therapists save time and change lives. We are excited for a new year of new ideas and collaboration and creation!

We have some changes coming to Therapy Fix 2020 and we wanted to share! All of these changes are based on feedback we have received from subscribers. We are always using this feedback as our compass for where we go next. In the midst of massive changes in medical reimbursement and rehabilitation models, we want to continue to be a lifesaving resource for you so you can focus on the connection between you and your patients.

We are not raising the price. Therapy Fix continues to be $25/month (or $20 for the digital-only version). Subscribers will continue to receive all materials printed in your mailbox as well as a unique digital download code to access/save/print the PDFs as much as needed for your own clinical practice.

Below are all of the changes coming to Therapy Fix 2020. As always, please reach out any time if you have questions, ideas, thoughts, or concerns! We'd love to hear from you.

 1. Three Patient Handouts

Each month includes three handouts designed for patients, family, caregivers, and friends and dives into the various conditions and diagnoses that speech-language pathologists treat. These handouts are colorful, engaging, packed with relevant information without being overwhelming. Designed for therapists to print and go during their busy schedules. Subscribers have the opportunity to select from a range of concepts. Winning ideas are developed, designed, and included in the next Therapy Fix. One featured handout comes with 5 copies in a sheet protector.

How is this different than 2018/19?

  • For two years, we have outlined the fix in three categories: Speech/language/voice, dysphagia, and cognitive-linguistics. We have built a solid library of materials for all of these areas and now would like to have more flexibility to create content that doesn't necessarily fall into a strict category. All subscribers will continue to vote for the content that is produced and all content will span the broad scope of speech pathology (and not be confined to a category).

2. Three Session Materials

Bored of using the same materials over and over and over? Therapy Fix comes with three brand new therapy tasks every month. These tasks are designed to be real-world, functional, relatable, and engaging for you and your patients. We believe in helping you optimize the time you and your patients have together with strong materials that help everyone reach their goals. Subscribers select from a range of ideas and the most popular concepts are produced and included in the next Therapy Fix.

How is this different than 2018/2019?

  • It's not much different- we are just removing the restrictions of the categories. Many of our materials overlap between language and cognition, or cognition and dysphagia. Our goal is to have more flexibility to produce the materials that you need in your clinic right now.

3. One Presentation

Inservice presentations given by therapists improve communication, collaboration, and patient care. Finding the time to design and develop these presentations and meet productivity expectations is very challenging. Every month, we send out a new gorgeously designed set of slides centered around a topic of importance to patient care in medical settings. These slides are designed to save therapists time and to communicate the most relevant, recent, and engaging information for healthcare professionals working with SLPs. As always, subscribers will have the chance to vote on which presentation topics are developed from month to month.

* Please note that presentations and group therapy materials will alternate each month. Jan/Mar/May/July/Sep/Nov will include a presentation. All other months will include a Group Therapy Material (see below).

 How is this different than 2018/2019?

  • This is completely new! We have never included presentations but are excited to bring our same level of quality expertise, high-end design, and accessibility to our presentations that we have done for our handouts. Our goal is to make the presentations so gorgeous and engaging and packed with relevant, relatable, accessible information that every CNA will be excited to see you coming to their staff meeting.

4. One Group Therapy Material

Groups can be a powerful and interactive format to spark recovery and boost engagement. Our materials are targeted towards support groups as well as inpatient/outpatient groups. The materials provide the structure and format to spark interaction, discussion, and collaboration. Subscribers will have a chance to vote on which material is produced from month to month.

How is this different than 2018/2019?

  • 98% of our therapy session materials have been targeted towards individual therapy sessions. We are exciting to include group therapy materials that are designed to make group therapy fun, engaging, and meet a variety of needs.

* Please note that presentations and group therapy materials will alternate each month. Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec will include a presentation. All other months will include a Presentation (see above).


5. One Clinical Anatomy Card

Walking into a patient’s room and greeting them with a test- whether it’s laryngeal, neurological, or lingual, can be intimidating. Our clinical anatomy cards are designed to help break down esoteric concepts. Draw on them. Write on them. Study them together. Then leave them with your patient. Health literacy begins with understanding how our bodies work and the choices we can make to optimize our own health. These clinical anatomy cards spark this conversation and are a unique, accessible, and tangible explanation of why you came into the room in the first place. Each month ships with a new design and 5 copies.

How is this different than 2018/2019?

  • This is completely new! We hate to break it to you, but this new feature is taking the place of our laminated feature handout. (We will still provide 5 copies of the featured handout.) We know this is a bummer. BUT! Wanna know the good news? You can buy a laminator for $25 or less (depending on how good you are at cruising Amazon). We just think that a clinical anatomy card is a better bonus, and we don't want to raise the price of the fix, so we found a compromise. (If it helps, laminating can be one of those soothing kind of tasks, like ironing or folding towels ;)

6. Two Article Snapshots

It can be tough keeping up with the latest research. (Just whatever you do, don’t get it from Facebook). Especially since many published articles are locked behind paywalls that don’t exactly fit in your clinical materials budget. Each month, we ship out two article snapshots giving an overview of two landmark journal articles related to speech, language, voice, dysphagia, and cognitive-linguistics.

How is this different than 2018/2019?

  • Previously, we have included 3 article snapshots. Here is the reality, and one that we at Therapy Insights feel very intensely: The reality is that we have incredibly limited research on anything. It is very challenging finding well-designed, relevant, and recent research articles. So we decided to add in some other features to the fix and reduce the number of article snapshots so that we can include the best of the best. So... be prepared for the greatest hits of SLP research coming in Article Snapshots 2020! We are trading recency for relevancy. Quality for quantity. Landmarks over trail markers.

7. Low Visibility and Memory Impairment Calendars

What day is it? Where are we? When is your next appointment? Our calendars are a classic therapy tool, and there's no way we're getting rid of them. We are, however, bringing back the one-page-per-week format (yay! More room to write). For those of you new to Therapy Fix, we're talking about a large print monthly calendar that's visible from across the room and a weekly calendar that helps patients with memory impairments organize their schedules. We are also releasing a gorgeous SLP 2020 calendar that includes the large print calendar pages. This makes it easy to pop the calendar off the wall, photocopy the calendar pages, and post them during a therapy session. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy 12 months of our favorite speech-language pathology graphics. AND, if you subscribe for the annual edition of Therapy Fix on Black Friday (Nov 29, 2019), you can purchase one for five bucks.

How is this different than 2018/2019?

  • No difference, except that the weekly calendars will be one week per page rather than 2 weeks per page. Also our stunning calendar (available for annual Therapy Fix subscribers for $5 on Black Friday- will be sold separately for a higher price).

8. Stickers and quotes

Fun speech-language pathology stickers. Motivational quotes. We're definitely keeping these around. :) Let us know what you'd like to see next.

Love it? Hate it? Did we miss something? We'd love to hear from you.

-Megan and the Therapy Insights Team

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