Free Download: Guided Journal for Times of Uncertainty

Every day, we work with people who live in the midst of uncertainty. We provide the framework for them to regain their footing in a strange new world.

And so, when something so vastly expands beyond our own capacity to build a resolutional framework, we feel lost.

Just know, we are all lost together. And this can be a beautiful thing.

This free download is a 12-page Guided Journal for Times of Uncertainty. It is completely free and can be downloaded here (direct link to Google drive file, no email required). You can use it or not, share it or not. Many of the poems, quotes, and text inside of it speak to times of uncertainty, and the questions posed are universal. They have no right or wrong answer. They are the questions of all of our lifetimes.

You can use this Guided Journal for yourself, or if you are closely connected with someone else who is struggling with the uncertainty, you can journal together with them.

In any time of uncertainty, we encourage that you first and foremost take care of yourself. Find ways to nurture your soul, whatever that looks like for you. Connect with those you love. This too shall pass, and the experience will transform stronger connections and new opportunities in beautiful and unexpected ways that we can’t fully see right now.

Thank you for all you do.

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