Coronavirus Links for Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists

Last updated: 28 March 2020 12:05 mountain time

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Free Resources

  • Free CEU from Education Resources Inc: Lines, Tubes, Ventilators and Diagnostic Screening For Stability vs Instability. Use code ERISTANDS.
  • Free Access to ASHA Learning Pass for ASHA Members Through June 30, 2020
  • Free 20-page packet- The Honeycomb Pandemic Packet
    Home Program templates for cognitive and communication modalities. (for setting up home programs without treating directly!)
  • Free Aphasia-Friendly Emergency Kit Information
    From their website: In order to address the need for aphasia-friendly disaster preparedness information, the Aphasia Center of California (ACC) adapted FEMA’s “Basic Emergency Supply Kit” checklist. We obtained input from Aphasia Center of California participants regarding the format, content, layout, and accessibility of the materials via focus group discussions and one-on-one interviews. Their feedback directed the look and feel of the final documents. A number of ACC members told us they preferred a two-column document with photographs, highlighting, and additional text. Other ACC members told us they preferred a more streamlined version with photographs but without any highlighting or added text.
  • Free Aphasia-Friendly Handout: "What is COVID-19?" from Tactus Therapy
  • Free 5-page PDF: Functional Activities for In Room Treatments
    For therapists who find themselves performing in room treatment sessions with little to no equipment, here is a list of activities to help re-energize treatment sessions, spark new ideas, and promote the use of functional activities. We at Therapy Insights aim to help clinicians continue to provide challenging and dynamic patient care with excellent outcomes. Any small items/activities used are inexpensive and may be purchased and distributed to individual patients for infection control purposes, made at home, or found and printed for free online.
    Please note that this resource is most appropriate for occupational therapists, though physical therapists may also find helpful ideas. Collaborate with speech therapists to combine these activities with functional speech, language, or cognitive therapy if co-treatments are available.
  • Free Guided Journal for Times of Uncertainty
    This free download is a 12-page Guided Journal for Times of Uncertainty. It is completely free (direct link to Google drive file, no email required). You can use it or not, share it or not. Many of the poems, quotes, and text inside of it speak to times of uncertainty, and the questions posed are universal. They have no right or wrong answer. They are the questions of all of our lifetimes.
  • Free Oral Mech Exam Visual Cards
    Completing an oral mech exam with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing, or while wearing a mask or other PPE can be a challenge. These 3x5 inch cards can be cut, laminated, and used to guide the patient through the steps of the oral mech exam. Clean thoroughly between use, or print a fresh copy for each test.


Current Research

Professional Organizations

For students unable to complete their clinical hours

  • Simucase
    From their website: "Simucase combines the power of simulation-based learning with a comprehensive patient video library. Our patented simulation technology allows users to observe, assess, diagnose, and provide intervention for virtual patients. This helps members master specific clinical skills, meet and evaluate clinical competencies, and practice interprofessional collaboration."
  • Free CEUs for Passy-Muir Valve
  • Therapy Insights 2020 Essay Contest
    Win $1,000 + free year of Therapy Fix + pizza party for your cohort
    Spend your free time writing an essay addressing this question: What is one of the most unresolved issues in your field and how would you propose resolving it? Deadline: April 20, 2020

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