2018 SLP Gift Guide - SLP Insights

Looking for the perfect gift for the speech-language pathologist in your life? Here are 15 curated ideas put together by SLPs for SLPs.

1. Therapy Fix
The best thing about Therapy Fix is that it arrives every single month, packed with over $50 of speech therapy materials delivered to their door for $25/month. Rated at 5 stars by subscribers, this subscription includes handouts and therapy materials as well as recent research summaries and fun quotes and stickers. Comes in a version for SLPs who work with adults and in a different version for SLPs who work with pediatrics. Annual subscriptions are available at a discount.

If you would like to gift this subscription, check out the Therapy Fix Gift Subscription.


2. Leather folio
Ever meet an SLP who didn’t love a beautiful organizational tool? This stylish folio is real leather and comes equipped with an internal clipboard. You could even stash a few extra Montreal Cognitive Assessments inside.

3. Neuroscience tote bag
Tasteful and brainy, this bag is perfect for carrying around speech therapy materials, particularly anything that targets cognitive-linguistic therapy.

4. Custom SLP business cards
Choose from 6 unique designs and customize the information so the SLP in your life can share their contact information at conferences, meetings, with families, patients, and hiring managers.

5. Human head watercolor print
This artsy print captures the anatomy that SLPs specialize in, including the brain, speech anatomy, and swallow anatomy.

6. SLP in 50+ languages poster
Speech-language pathologists work around the world and are known by many different names in many different languages. This poster celebrates the global nature of speech pathology with over 50 translations of “speech language pathologist” in the shape of a speech bubble. At 24x36 inches, you can snag a cheap frame at Target or Walmart and have instant clinic art ready to go for your favorite SLP. Free shipping rolled in poster tube in the U.S. Does not come with frame.

7. Tickets to see the new Steve Carrell movie, Welcome to Marwen

Featuring brain injury, rehabilitation therapy ups and downs, art, and the beauty of the individual journey that SLPs witness every day, this movie is sure to be a favorite of the SLP in your life.

8. SLP Word Cloud Pouch
SLPs are highly protective of their pens. And flashlights for swallow studies. They are known to carry around individually wrapped tongue depressors and oral care necessities. What better place to store all of that than this?

9. A set of award winning dysphagia tools
These award-winning tools designed by Louise Knoppert have yet to hit the market, but maybe if enough people see the value in her work, she will take it off the art shelf and onto the sales shelf? This artist has developed a complete set of tools meant to provide the pleasure and flavor of real food flavors and textures for people who have such severe dysphagia that they require tube feeding.

10. Dysphagia anatomy tote bag
Tote around speech therapy materials with this bag featuring the anatomy of the swallow. Perfect for any SLP who specializes in dysphagia.

11. Brene Brown: Dare to Lead
Many SLPs are in the position each and every day to lead. Maybe not as managers, but surely as rehabilitation specialists who are leading nursing staff, patients, families, and other rehabilitation staff along the pathway to recovery. Brené Brown’s work is rooted in the understanding that, “When we dare to lead, we don’t pretend to have the right answers; we stay curious and ask the right questions. We don’t see power as finite and hoard it; we know that power becomes infinite when we share it with others. We don’t avoid difficult conversations and situations; we lean into vulnerability when it’s necessary to do good work.”

12. Hydroflask water bottle (and SLP Insights stickers pack)
Hydration, hydration, hydration. Talking and running around from room/building/clinic all day requires a lot of hydration. Hydroflasks have set the standard for keeping drinks either hot or cold for long periods. Pair it with some SLP Insights speech therapy stickers and you’ve got a winner.

13. Oliver Sacks books
Oliver Sacks was infinitely engrossed in the study of the human mind. His work captures the many mysteries of the brain, including language, perception, music, deafness, and more. His wide collection of works is sure to capture the imagination of any SLP.

14. Wooden binder + SLP Insights gift card
See also: Therapy Fix binder
Speech therapy involves a lot of materials that need to be organized for quick access on a moment’s notice. No one knows exactly what they’re walking into when they are called in as a specialist, and SLPs need durable places to store their materials. These real wood 3-ring binders are tough, durable, and classy. Include a gift card to the SLP Insights store so they can stock up on the latest speech therapy materials.

15. A self care treat: Massage, weighted blanket, coffee shop gift cards, a trip to a restful place, a quiet day alone with no responsibilities…
Speech pathologists go to work every day and are alongside patients and families grappling with some of the most difficult challenges of their lives. They are the advocates, the encouragers, the ones who both push people beyond what they think they can do and the ones who sit with them in the quiet moments of fear and loss. The SLP in your life may not take the time to take care of themselves, but this is what they most need in order to take care of others.

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