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Alzheimer’s Disease and the Eye (2009)

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can contribute to a variety of visual problems such as changes with visual acuity, visual fields, eye movements (fixations, smooth, and saccade), pupillary responses, interpreting colors, and/or complex vision activities (r ...
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Communication Partner Training in Aphasia: An Updated Systematic Review (2016)

With the 2010 systematic review (Communication Partner Training in Aphasia: A Systematic Review), it was determined that the communication partner training — focusing on improving partner skills for communication—was effective in supporting conve ...
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Pneumonia: Factors Beyond Aspiration (2005)

AdultDysphagiaOral Care
There are many factors to consider for aspiration beyond the inhalation of food or liquids. Aspiration does not develop independently —it is considered a secondary disease—meaning it is reliant on the presence of a serious illness. The SLP should ...
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Characteristics of Criocopharyngeal Dysphagia after Ischemic Stroke (2018)

This article aims to determine if characteristics of cricopharyngeal dysphagia (CPD) could be associated with a lesion located in a specific part of the brain. If a correlation could be identified this would help with dysphagia management and determi ...
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Mirroring the Social Aspects of Speech and Actions: The Role of the Insula (2017)

AdultSLPAphasiaBrain Injury
There is little research on the role of the insula with processing action and speech during social communication. The authors used fMRI with participants who were asked to listen and imagine themselves saying in a gentle or rude way. The results foun ...
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Impact of Expiratory Strength Training in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (2016)

There is not an extensive amount of research on how exercises targeting the weakness and/or spasticity of muscles with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease progression. The authors wanted to measure if Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST ...
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Relationship Between Self-Administered Cues and Rehabilitation Outcomes in Individuals with Aphasia: Understanding Individual Responsiveness to a Technology-Based Rehabilitation Program (2017)

The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the use of self-administered cues, aphasia severity, and how the treatment task accuracy was impacted through use of the Constant Therapy application. The results stress the importan ...
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The Effect of Traditional Dysphagia Therapy on the Swallowing Function in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Pilot Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial (2019)

AdultSLPDysphagiaMultiple Sclerosis
The authors wanted to investigate how individuals with dysphagia from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) would respond to traditional dysphagia therapy (TDT) or usual care treatment better. This TDT includes behavioral and rehabilitative techniques such as oral ...