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Inadequate Fluid Intake in Long Term Care Residents: Prevalence and Determinants (2018)

AdultOTPTSLPAgingALSBrain InjuryMultiple SclerosisParkinson’sSpinal Cord InjuryStroke
Dehydration is estimated to affect more than half of long-term care (LTC) residents because of reduced fluid intake. It is recommended that older adults consume 3700 mL (125 fl oz) for men and 2700 mL (91 fl oz) for women of water daily. This study f ...
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Concussion Practice Patterns Among SLPs (2019)

AdultSLPBrain Injury
Speech-language pathologists are essential interdisciplinary concussion team members for patients. SLPs are responsible for evaluating and treating the cognitive-communication changes that a concussion may cause. The team should be consistent with te ...
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Social Media and People With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Metasynthesis Research Informing a Framework for Rehabilitation Clinical Practice, Policy, and Training (2021)

AdultSLPBrain InjuryPlanning/Organizing
These days, a majority of our communication happens via social media platforms. After a brain injury, a person can change their thinking and communication style leading to loss of social interaction, friendship, and vulnerability of being exploited o ...
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Improving Outcomes for Hospitalized Patients Pre-and Post-COVID-19 (2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant barriers for effective patient- provider communication, negatively impacting the patient’s outcomes. This article highlights the emerging areas of weakness for communication, especially during this COVID-19 ...
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Respiratory Muscle Training in Stroke Patients with Respiratory Muscle Weakness, Dysphagia, and Dysarthria – A Prospective Randomized Trial (2020)

AdultSLPDysphagiaMotor Speech/Dysarthria/ApraxiaRespiratory Care
This trailblazing clinical trial aims to evaluate the benefits of a combined inspiratory and expiratory respiratory muscle training (RMT) program in conjunction with speech therapy rehabilitation treatment. The goal was to find a statistical improvem ...
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Depression in Poststroke Aphasia (2020)

This article provides a foundational knowledge of depression and mood disorders for speech-language pathologists. It’s essential to have foundational knowledge because SLPs are a crucial medical team member for identifying and addressing depression ...
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Timing of Dysphagia Screening in Alzheimer’s Dementia (2020)

This research supports the need for continued evaluation of dysphagia for individuals with Alzheimer's disease (AD). Both polypharmacy and sarcopenia were found to correlate independently with dysphagia throughout the disease progression.