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In Patients Eligible for Meniscal Surgery Who First Receive Physical Therapy, Multivariable Prognostic Models Cannot Predict Who Will Eventually Undergo Surgery (2021)

Noorduyn, J. C., Teuwen, M. M., Van de Graaf, V. A., Willigenburg, N. W., Schavemaker, M., Van Dijk, R., Scholten-Peeters, G. G., Heymans, M. W., Coppieters, M. W., Poolman, R. W., Scholtes, V. A., Mutsaerts, E. L., Wolkenfelt, J., Krijnen, M., Van Deurzen, D. F., Moojen, D. J., Bloembergen, C. H., De Gast, G., & Snijders, T. (2021). In patients eligible for meniscal surgery who first receive physical therapy, multivariable prognostic models cannot predict who will eventually undergo surgery. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 30(1), 231-238.

Quick Summary

The ESCAPE randomized clinical trial found non-inferiority of physical therapy compared to arthroscopic partial meniscectomy (APM). This study analyzed data from that trial to see if there were factors that could be identified that can predict who wi ...

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